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Hi all...Tara here.


So for Thanksgiving this year, we met up with Lauren and Angela (who was visiting from Florida!!) for Thanksgiving dinner.  Early last week, Lauren and I struggled to figure out where we'd eat dinner.  We wanted to find a place at least RELATIVELY close to being halfway between San Diego and Orange County so neither of us would have to drive exceptionally far.  Well...we came up with Gordon's at the Lake San Marcos Resort and Country Club.




I think my first indication that this was a bad idea should have been a) It was a buffet b) It was at a country club in SAN MARCOS (just a quick FYI to those not in the know...kind of an old fashioned area) and c) The price per person was more like $25 as opposed to all other restaurants, which were $50 and above.  Alas, we both figured this was the closest we'd get to "halfway" between us.  And on our merry way we went....(View map marker for restaurant location relative to our homes.)








Upon  arrival, this is what we saw (take note of the tables in the dining room BEHIND Justin):







Now, keep in mind, 4pm is not an odd time to have dinner on Thanksgiving.  But, you'd honestly think we were there for the early bird special (get it?  Bird?  Turkey? Ha ha.).  The multitude of people over the age of 65 even led Angela to wonder out loud if we, too, would be granted the senior citizen discount.




Alas, this just provided for some laughs.  We visited the buffet way too many times....along with many of the other sprite restaurant guests...











And we were the cutest people there....














What more can you wish for????  HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!



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