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Since you've been gone....

Posted by jjadams Jan 2, 2008

I can't breathe for the fiiirst time. No, really, I can't!!! I have been sick for four days. Ever since Michigan trip noted in last post. Apparently the gigantic lack of sleep and constant alcoholic consumption did not bode well for me. Either way, we've managed to use the rest of the time off from work for some decently fun activities, as follows:


1. Our friends Chad and Erin are moving to Costa Rica in a week!!! Chad is Nicole's brother and Erin is what I like to call her future sister-in-law. How cute are they!?




Actually, how cute are WE!?





Hot, I know. Bye Chad and Erin!! HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER! Good luck in the BURB.











2. Moving on...the next fun thing we did was, obviously, New Year's Eve. HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way. (Did anyone out there notice you didn't get a Christmas card from us? Yeah, sorry about that. After the gigantic number of thank you notes we had to write, that just wasn't happening. Better luck next year. And thanks for thinking of us, don't stop sending them!) Anyway, we hit up BIG NIGHT SAN DIEGO at the Sheraton the San Diego Bay. GLORY BE, 3000 people crammed into 2 ballrooms and a tent, drinking their lives away. Sadly, I was sick, so Justin drank triple overtime in honor of me. But we all still ended up looking pretty cute:





Notice how my hair grew a foot in like two days, since the previous post. Also notice how big of a difference 4 years can make--this is us from New Years 2004!!!! Why do Mark and Justin look the same and Nicole and I do not? And HOW WEIRD is it that we stood in the same order NOT on purpose!?





Like ,seriously, do I look 12 or what?! And do Justin and Mark look like literally no time has passed? WTF? Nicole is marginally different due to hair but GOOD GOD I dont even look like ME! OH, and in case you were wondering, that stray on the far left there is Andy, Justin's boy from Michigan!









3. I saved the best for last. And I do mean best. Need I say more:





Lloyd carr is so cute. I could literally die. I cried for 10 minutes after they won this game. Anyone who did not watch this game in its entirity needs to immediately obtain ESPN Classic and find out when it will be replayed, because, mark my words, it WILL BE an Instant Classic. Beating the Florida Gators is a glorious accomplishment, even moreso when it's Lloyd's last game. And my boss is a Gator. Ahhh the glory! I'll be wearing my Michigan gear on Friday. And, just so you all know--I almost didn't even watch this game. That's right, Tara, who BLEEDS Maize and Blue, almost didn't watch because the idea of reliving any sort of misery even CLOSE to the loss to Appalachian State (Thank you Justin for the LOVELY gift of tickets to that and Leah really appreciated being at the biggest loss in college football history) was too much for me to handle. Luckily, I overcame that. Not that it would have happened. I probably would have lasted a good 5 mins trying not to watch and then caved.



Anyway, GO BLUE, cause you rocked the little house and the Big House is ready for a fresh start next year with Rich Rod. R2 in A2!! WOO



4. We're both back at work now. Here ends our vacation. Time to take a long long nap at my desk.



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Let's Pause for a Moment...

Posted by jjadams Nov 13, 2007

I know that this is a blog about traveling and GPS cameras and such. And I know it's not MY blog per se...but what are you going to do. Stranger things have happened when you have your husband's username and password to his blog. So, I'm going to ask that we pause for a moment and address a few unrelated issues of interest to me, that will soon be forced upon you and hopefully, in turn, will become of interest to you.


1. Please check your calendar. If you are doing anything other than sitting in front of the TV and/or sitting in Michigan Stadium on Saturday, November 17th at 12pm EST, then you have problems. I don't mean small problems, either. I mean, SERIOUS ISSUES. You will be missing the glorious resurrection of Michael Hart and Chad I-must-throw-at-least-one-interception-in-each-quarter Henne. You will also miss the second consecutive week of dismal, sad faces on the Team Who Must Not Be Named.



!!...Let's hope they're doing this ALL WEEK. And by this I mean practicing.



2. If you do not own some sort of zoo animal costume, you should probably invest in one. As you can see from the below photo (all rights reservered, October 31, 2007, Sarah Hanyes), it makes for a righteous good time.













The mental stability of all of the above people is definitely in question.



3. Are clementines for real? I mean...seriously. Do they grow naturally? Or are they engineered to grow smaller and sweeter than normal oranges? It kind of scares me. I ate 3 today. What if they are injected with some strange hormone and they make me sick? And no this is not some kind of backwards way of saying that I fear we will be in the Capital One Bowl...on sunny Citrus Bowl-y Florida..instead of the Rose bowl. It's not that at all.





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