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The Desert Isn't Always Warm

Posted by jjadams Dec 6, 2007

So as Justin started to explain, we took a trip to Arizona over Thanksgiving weekend.  After our lovely roadside stops at the Desert Tower and such towns as Yuma, AZ (I cannot believe people live here, fyi), we finally found ourselves in Scottsdale.


Scottsdale is like a gigantic retirement home.  Although beautiful, it is also one gigantic stripmall/Supermall after the next.  It is also completely dead after 9pm.  So, on our first night there, we ventured out to the "Town Center" which was an oversized partially outdoor Somerset.  We ate at a place called Cowboy Chow and then moved on to find the most horrible thing I have ever seen:











Yes, that there is an Ohio State helmet, along with a Florida Gators helmet.  Lest you forget--last year, these two teams played in the National Championship in the Fiesta Bowl IN Arizona.  Which Michigan SHOULD have been in if they hadn't been sooo afraid of a rematch between OSU and UM.  Anyway, I digress. How we stumbled across the Fiesta Bowl museum is beyond me, but needless to say, it was not a pleasant experience.  And this year, we play the Gators in our new year's day bowl, which I'm sure will add up to yet another loss on Michigan's lovely 2007 resume.




The next day ,we headed off to Sedona, which is by far the most beautiful place I've ever seen.  These pictures do it no justice.  The colors were much more vibrant, deep reds and oranges that just aren't visible here.   The map shows the "off-road" area around Sedona that we explored!
















We took a PINK JEEP ride to get out to all these places (very masculine for Justin FYI).  We climbed rocks and boulders and ventured to the backwoods.  Ok, maybe not, since this is a giant tourist attraction....but still.













Please note that we are wearing boots, scarves, gloves, etc etc etc.  It was NOT warm, contrary to popular belief.  It was blistering cold and windy.  And by cold I mean 50 degrees.  So what if I'm from Michigan?




Overall, a glorious trip had by all.  And, the firesky resort was beautiful.  Here we are enjoying it.















--Guest writer Tara Adams because Justin is in Budapest Hungary and has no contact with the outside world, even to do his blog, so his lovely wife must take over all responsiblities for him



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