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Hungry in Hungary

Posted by jjadams Dec 14, 2007

As Tara mentioned, I recently paid a visit to Eastern Europe for two weeks. My company manufactures cell phones in this region and a quality problem was discovered with the model I'm working on. To test the true "global" capability of my Global Positioning System, I took pictures in each city I visited, including the layover stops on my flight (Zurich on the way to Hungary, Frankfort on the way home). Check out the map...



Once I landed in Budapest, I picked up my rental car and drove off into the countryside. My destination was Komárom, a small town on the Hungary-Slovakia border and home to both Nokia and Foxconn production factories.



I spent the whole week working in the Foxconn factory but was able to escape for the weekend to Vienna, Austria. The trip was only 150KM, check out the map below. The city was beautiful and I captured a few of the highlights here.



The Christkindlmarkt at Vienna’s City Hall (the Rathaus).


The Votivkirche Church


City Hall from the park


I returned to Hungary for another week of work and continued to sample new local eateries each night. Several of my hosts were actually Slovakian and enjoyed crossing the border (Danube River) at night to the more lively, Komarno. Here we are eating a traditional Slovakian dinner in a restaurant located inside the old fort. Items I was encouraged to sample included Tripe (cow stomach lining) and Knuckle (pig ankle).  Good thing there was beer to wash it all down!


The Bridge connecting Komárom, Hungary to Komarno, Slovakia


Dinner with Ervin and Juraj (Mike Myers look-a-like!)


A few other random shots from my trip. Enjoy!


An old WWII fort


The road to my hotel. I haven't driven on snowy roads in years!

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