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My last run was yours? in General Running Discussion LemonaidLucy 9 months ago by zaria58 1,011,256 4,902
Running Naked in General Running Discussion coolcin 3 years ago by nuderunner 41,041 77
Top 3 Running songs in Just Music Steve427 3 years ago by RunBetter 30,043 58
Shoulder pain during longer runs??? in General Running Discussion jmsab23 3 years ago by kris0511 2,704 2
Starting C25K on 10/17 anybody else? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) fyrfyter535 3 years ago by DaveInAuburn 51,924 260
Survey for runners in General Running Discussion AE513 3 years ago by AE513 1,849 8
Running clubs - what to expect? in General Running Discussion ScrappinMama 3 years ago by MarathonDream 4,263 8
My first day! in General Running Discussion susie114 3 years ago by susie114 4,491 12
odd sensation in fingers ? ? ? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Jolene Duckie 3 years ago by jmsab23 1,497 4
why do you run? in General Running Discussion hentze1z 3 years ago by emiss 8,209 26
Running Motto.  What is yours? in General Running Discussion James Grove 3 years ago by Shelltherunner 28,140 77
What IS this pain in my foot?? in General Running Discussion SingleRunner 3 years ago by jmsab23 3,181 11
How to STOP needing to run every day? in General Running Discussion doublea987 3 years ago by raf66 5,726 10
Strides, not quite getting it... in Half-Marathon Training ydiez 3 years ago by RunBetter 3,729 5
how can I train for a half marathon? in Half-Marathon Training bbrrnnxx 3 years ago by jmsab23 6,743 12