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200+ Pound Club! in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Wideguy 2 weeks ago by ChaseAnderson18 3,334,775 11,417
Re: Shin Splints & C25K in General Running Discussion HenvY 2 years ago by Greenbelt9 4,861 15
Re: 200+ Nov 9th-Nov 15th in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) GoRunIrish 3 years ago by Ogr44 16,800 104
Having some issues with running time, any tips? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) JosephHD 3 years ago by Snerb 1,354 3
Re: New Year with C25K! Who wants to train with me? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) FF5K 4 years ago by imustbecrazy2 26,367 130
ANYONE KNOW? FLAT ABS!? in General Running Discussion sapphiregal 4 years ago by KandKsmama 1,907 7
Re: how much weight can one lose from running? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) princesskimagure 6 years ago by hkay 16,500 26
Re: C25k, Week 3:  Knee and shin pain in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) haploid 6 years ago by haploid 5,282 9
Re: 200lbs+ C25K  Nov. 23-29 in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) AFatManRunning 6 years ago by Turtle Who Runs 8,837 73
Re: 200 lbs+ Nov 16th-Nov 22nd in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) GoRunIrish 6 years ago by AFatManRunning 19,777 143
Marathon / half advise please in General Running Discussion joedadd 6 years ago by kevpugh 1,148 3
Starting C25K again - Wish me luck in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) joedadd 7 years ago by priyaelizabeth 979 2
Re: Couch 2 5k trouble? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) broohannahoo 7 years ago by harrnjos 5,887 19
Cool Running Log in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) joedadd 8 years ago by GatorGirl71 1,461 2
Re: Philadelphia Marathon Thread (For those doing it) in Run and Race Together Liam3494 8 years ago by PacerChris 27,473 175