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5 Miles along a river

Posted by jruckus on Jul 18, 2011 6:34:11 AM

     I just completed an amazing run. Winding along the Cuyahoga River, on a gravel path between the river and a canal. Called the Tow Path due to it's previous life as a path for mules to pull boats along the canal transporting goods and people, now it is a tranquil pathway with bikers and runners. As we prepare for the Tow Path Half Marathon, Sunday's are our long run, and yesterday was the 3rd time we have gone up there for the long run. 5 miles at a conversational pace and loving every minute of it...well to be honest, that last mile was a little rough, trying to make sure I keep it under 50 minutes.


Each week it gets easier and more enjoyable. This was such an amazing run, I set a goal and beat it, and really enjoyed myself. I can't wait to lengthen these runs, 13.1 here I come!

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