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Change in Plans

Posted by kapfast on Jul 29, 2010 6:56:59 AM

What do you do when the main event of your triathlon season changes on you?


One of my goals this year was to complete a half ironman distance triathlon. The race that seemed to fit my schedule the best was the Soma Triathlon in Tempe, AZ – Oct. 24. This would be my first out of town race, and I was really looking forward to the road trip/triathlon experience.


Unfortunately, there was a problem with the dam that holds the water in Tempe Town Lake (the location for the swim). For some reason, the dam was constructed of 4 rubber bladders, and due to the brutal hot summers in Arizona one of the bladders ruptured and drained the lake. No water – No swim.


Losing water in the lake you are going to swim in for your first half ironman is not one of the scenarios that played out in my head when I registered. Most of my visions included that of an unusually hot summer day in the desert sun or gale force winds on the bike!


When change comes, often so do choices. And I now have a choice, race a half iron duathlon or change plans to race another half ironman 2 weeks later (Silverman in Las Vegas). A clear choice has not yet come to me yet, never the less my training will continue – including swimming.


In the mean time I completed my 4th half marathon at the Rock n Roll in San Diego. I finally broke a 10 min pace and finished at 2:10. Next goal is to finish under 2 hrs.


I also have a couple events scheduled before the half ironman, a 5 k obstacle race on the beach in San Diego and the San Diego Tri Classic (olympic distance) in September.



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