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Tough Week for My Body

Posted by katrinwolfe on Nov 15, 2010 5:50:39 PM

I am battling a little body pains.  My right knee is bothering me.  I am currently using heat/ice treatment.  Just frustrating.  Last week I tried to take it easy which is difficult for me.  On Saturday I went to play golf and by the 15th hole I was in some pain.  I do not like when my pain starts bothering my golf game, and I am not able to be active.  I tried to run a little last week, and it was not worth it.  I definitely needed to rest my leg.  Saturday evening I rested my knee with ice, heat, and ibuprofen.  On Sunday morning I started to feel a little better so I went for a short jog.  I had to stop, and walk but if felt a little better.


I started to do a little research about knee injuries.  I thought it sounded like I had runner's knee.  I bought an ace band for the knee.  I like the feel of the compression on my leg.  If helps a little bit.  One of my co-workers says it sounds like I have IT band tightness.  That is a definite possibility because I do not stretch as well as I should.  He recommended to use a roller, and stretching.  Using the roller was tough.  I could really feel the tightness, and had some pain.  Another gentleman at the gym explained he suffered the same problem I am currently having, and that with regularly stretching and the roller he feels better.


I am running in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  I hope my leg feels better for the run.  I am currently on my heat treatment.  I will work hard to be diligent on stretching and using the roller to help my IT band.

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