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Colds Are No Fun

Posted by katrinwolfe on Feb 13, 2011 10:28:59 AM

I am at the ending stage of a cold.  Colds are such bummers.  There is nothing good about them.   I even had to take a day of a work because I was not doing well.  On Thursday I was teaching a group fitness class and I had to stop in the middle of it.  I thought I was going to pass out.  My body did not want to move anymore.  I went home for a quick nap and came back to work for a big meeting.  The meeting never happened because the speaker canceled during the meeting.  It was very frustrating.  I worked all week for the meeting and the gentleman ended up not coming, and it was so last minute.


Friday was the day I ended up taking off.  My body was not cooperating.  I slept from Thursday afternoon till about Saturday morning.  I had the chills, cough, sore throat, headache, and cold sweats.  On Saturday when I finally woke up, I felt a lot better.  I still have a cold but I am more able to function.


On Saturday I went to work to get a quick run in.  It was a tough run but I got in.  I knew I was still sick but I had the "cold sweats" while running.  Not a great feeling but I did it.  I ran this morning for my long.  It was nice to have a micro-cycle this week.  My chest was definitely tight during the run.  Since I really did not get my usually workouts in during the week, it felt like I had not run in a year.  My legs felt heavy.  In retrospect I probably started back too soon after not feeling well.  I am the worst on taking time off.  I had surgery on my foot during college and did everything I could to get out on the golf course.  I was practicing my putting on one foot because I was not to but any weight on my left foot.


I am feeling a lot better.  I am glad it was nothing worse than a cold.  I hate missing work for illness but sometimes you just have to take off for the good of your health.  I just think it makes me feel lazy when I take off for sickness.  So weird.

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