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The Pittsburgh Marathon

Posted by katrinwolfe May 16, 2011

I ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon this weekend.  I officially switched races.  I loved the race.  It was very tough.  My left knee did not feel good the whole race, and I had to go to the bathroom.  I did my pre-race bathroom run, but I need to use the facilities during the race.  I tried to stop at the first restroom area.  I was next in line but the person in front of me was taking way too long. I could wait that long without risking my knee tightening up.  I finally got to use the restroom around mile 8.  I still had some waiting to do but not too bad.


The face support in Pittsburgh was amazing.  So much fun.  The bands were a great addition, and all the festivals in the neighborhoods made me keep going.  I loved that the start was in the middle of downtown and the finish at the Stadiums.  My favorite moment was on the North Shore with the Gospel Choir.  The South Side was great with all of the people out supporting the runners.  However, nothing beats the finish with Clemente Bridge and all the roads to the Finish Line filled with supporters.  Thank you Pittsburgh.  I will definitely be back and this time running the Full Marathon.


I was able to go to the doctor about knee.  I was diagnosed with IT Band Syndrome.  I had a feeling that is what the problem was but I was afraid that I might also have other underlying issues especially with my meniscus.  I learned that IT Band Syndrome is caused by over training.  I now have to take about 4-6 weeks off from running and high impact exercises.  I was also given a topical cream for the pain.  I cannot wait to get back running and running without pain.


Next time I train for a marathon I will have to look at my training.  I know some of problems come from teaching a lot of group exercise classes.  That should not be a problem now.  I will not have to teach at all if I don't want.  I also have to see maybe I should minimize my distances during the week.  I also think I peaked to early for Pittsburgh.  I did some of the those longer distance races in the late winter and early spring.  I was not quite at those distances yet but I wanted to make sure I could run the longer distances.


I can't wait to rest today.  Time to take some much needed time off.  I can't wait to train for another event.

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I have written in a while.  Sorry world.  Starting a new job, bad weather, and bad knee have all added up.  This week was the first time in over two weeks I started running again.  Monday and Wednesday were tough runs.  I ran yesterday as well an did 5 miles.  No problems and I felt good during and after the run.


Today I ran the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon for my last long run before the marathon.  It was tough and my knee is not doing well.  Very sore this evening.  I had some pain through out the whole race.  The most pain came when I was running up hill.  Not good.


I am debating running the Half Marathon in Pittsburgh.  With all the hills in the marathon especially the second half, I am very nervous.  I know I can do a half, but I don't know if my knee and body can handle the full.  This whole thing makes me so frustrated.  I am calling the doctor tomorrow.  See whats really going on.


I trained for the marathon and knowing I may not be able to run the race is so hard.  I just have to see what happens.

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