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Longest Run Ever

Posted by katrinwolfe Mar 27, 2011

I continue to rack up the miles.  I did a 30k race over the weekend.  Despite the calendar saying it is spring, there was not spring in the air.  The temperature was more appropriate for the end of February not the end of March.  When I started the race the temperature was around 25 degrees.  Not that warm.  All the race I completed this year so far were down at or below freezing.  That is crazy to me.  I am not a cold weather person so for me to run these races in freeze temperatures is pretty amazing.


I did the 30k a part of the Just A Short Run.  They offered several different distances to run and the 30k was the longest.  The race was held in North Park just north of Pittsburgh.  I did my previous race at North Park as well.  The race course started and ended at the same place.  I did the lake loop again but in reverse. The race started a little different with a 3.5 run through some other areas of the park and then to the loop.  I would not call this course flat.  There is so decent hills especially at the beginning leg and the loops have some good rolls.  I feel that this was a good race for a warm-up to the Pittsburgh Marathon.


I am sore today.  Not bad enough I cannot walk but enough that I feel sore especially in my buttocks and calves.  I hate the hours after races.  I feel terrible, and there is little that makes me feel comfortable.  I am not a napper.  I always try to take a nap, and it never works.  I did go to bed early.  I woke up at a normal time but I feel sluggish today.  I hope tomorrow I feel refreshed and ready to go.


This is going to be a crazy week.  It is my last week at the Penn Hills YMCA.  I finish my duties at the YMCA on Thursday.  On Thursday evening I am going to my old high school's musical, Godspell.  On Friday, I leave for Washington D.C. for the weekend to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Then on Monday I start my new job.  A lot happening in a short amount of time.  I am glad this is rest week.  I have some extra rest days and shorter runs.  Good for me. 


Have a good week!  

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