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Colds Are No Fun

Posted by katrinwolfe Feb 13, 2011

I am at the ending stage of a cold.  Colds are such bummers.  There is nothing good about them.   I even had to take a day of a work because I was not doing well.  On Thursday I was teaching a group fitness class and I had to stop in the middle of it.  I thought I was going to pass out.  My body did not want to move anymore.  I went home for a quick nap and came back to work for a big meeting.  The meeting never happened because the speaker canceled during the meeting.  It was very frustrating.  I worked all week for the meeting and the gentleman ended up not coming, and it was so last minute.


Friday was the day I ended up taking off.  My body was not cooperating.  I slept from Thursday afternoon till about Saturday morning.  I had the chills, cough, sore throat, headache, and cold sweats.  On Saturday when I finally woke up, I felt a lot better.  I still have a cold but I am more able to function.


On Saturday I went to work to get a quick run in.  It was a tough run but I got in.  I knew I was still sick but I had the "cold sweats" while running.  Not a great feeling but I did it.  I ran this morning for my long.  It was nice to have a micro-cycle this week.  My chest was definitely tight during the run.  Since I really did not get my usually workouts in during the week, it felt like I had not run in a year.  My legs felt heavy.  In retrospect I probably started back too soon after not feeling well.  I am the worst on taking time off.  I had surgery on my foot during college and did everything I could to get out on the golf course.  I was practicing my putting on one foot because I was not to but any weight on my left foot.


I am feeling a lot better.  I am glad it was nothing worse than a cold.  I hate missing work for illness but sometimes you just have to take off for the good of your health.  I just think it makes me feel lazy when I take off for sickness.  So weird.

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A Cold Snowy Run

Posted by katrinwolfe Jan 29, 2011

The running continues.  Running during the week was tough.  I was not motivated.  I did manage to get all the runs in during the week but I did not feel like they were strong runs.  After my micro-cycle last week my times for week day runs was increased to 45 minutes.  I never knew how much five minuets could affect me.  Wednesday was the toughest run.  The weather was not great outside so I ran inside on the treadmill (which is typical for weekday runs) and I was trying get it done so I could go home.  The whole situation did not lead for a good mind set for the run.


Today I complete my long run for the week.  I had eight miles in the cold, snowy morning.  The snow was the cold wet snow.  I felt pretty good the whole run.  The only major problem I had with the weather was the snow getting in my eyes.  Also, a good thing was it was not that snowy.  I ran in the town of Oakmont, PA.  A cute little town, perfect for running.  The community is safe with a lot of sidewalks, wide roads, and paved trail in the middle of town.  I saw a couple of hardy walkers this morning.  I like when I see the weather not slowing down dedicated active individuals.


I am excited that tomorrow for my rest day I am going to hit golf balls at an indoor driving on the northwest side of Pittsburgh.  I have not hit a golfball since November.  I know after I hit balls tomorrow I am going to very much want summer to come ASAP.  Running is fun but golf is my sport.  Living in Pennsylvania does not allow for a lot of winter golf but that is why I have running in the winter.  I actually chose to do the Pittsburgh marathon so that a lot of my training was not in good golf weather.  Golf usually starts at the end of March (depending on how bad and long winter is).  I really will only have about a month and a half overlap of golf and marathon training.  During the summer I like to run but I do not like to have any runs over six miles.   I will probably do a half marathon in October which will be perfect.  The runs for the half were not bad last year and did not effect my golf.  The only thing was after the race I had to take a week of from golf.


I saw there is a possible snowstorm coming mid-week.  I hope it misses us.  I do not want another snowstorm.  Please go fast February.  

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Another run, another week

Posted by katrinwolfe Jan 16, 2011

The winter has been cold.  The snowfall has not been too bad but the cold weather has been tough.  I saw on the news the other day since December 1 we have only been above freezing maybe 4 or 5 times.  I want some warmth.  A couple of days consistently above freezing would be wonderful.


I have decided to change my training schedule a little. Instead of having only one day of week of cross-training, I am going to do two.  I have decided to do the cross-training with the scheduled strength training on Tuesday and Thursday.  I like doing cross-training activities.  Also, my runs on Thursday have been very poor or I have not had the mental focus I would like.  I think this change will help me because I need another small break from running during the week, and I get to add some activities I really enjoy.


I just purchased a Nike+ for my iPod.  I wanted a tracking system for my runs and this is the one that seemed to fit everything I wanted.  I already had the iPod.  I took it on my run yesterday for 7 miles.  I decided not to calibrate it before I ran.  Bad idea.  The Nike+ definitely needs calibrated.  I need to do that sometime this week.  I ran for about 60 minutes yesterday which the Nike+ said was 7 miles.  I know my pace is not good enough to run 7 miles in 60 minutes.  I figured I ran approximately 6.5 miles in reality.  I just wanted to test the Nike+ now before I got into long runs.  I will calibrate this week.  I have a micro-cycle this week with six miles on the weekend.  That is a good distance to see how my calibration is compared to my time and actual distance.


I am very grateful for the rest day today and the micro-cycle this week.  I have developed a small cold.  Only annoying and nothing serious.  Some nasal congestion and drainage which is leading to a sore throat.  I think the sore throats are the worse.  I hate waking up in the morning with a pain in my throat and the pain of swallowing.  I will get by, lets of fluids and some vitamin C are in order to beat this bugger quickly.  

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