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Life Gets Crazy Sometimes

Posted by katrinwolfe Apr 5, 2011

The last two weeks have been crazy.  I ran a 30K, finished one job, went on a mini-vacation to Washington D.C., started a new job.  It has been crazy but fun.


Last Thursday (March 31), I finished my job as the Health and Wellness Director at the Penn Hills YMCA.  I then moved some stuff back to Johnstown so that night I could go to a local musical and out with some friends.  The next morning I did a run and then traveled to Washington D.C. for the weekend.  I went to visit a close friend and see the cherry blossoms.  I then came back to Johnstown to start my new job.  My first day was yesterday (April 4).  The first week as with all jobs is just getting to know the place.  I took a position wit the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown as the Director of the Wellness Center.


I have been able to run.  On Saturday morning I was able to run through D.C. for y 8 mile run.  I got to run by all the monuments and the cherry blossoms before the craziness of the tourists began.  It was a beautiful morning for a run.  It was fun to do a run in a different city.  Not the same old run.  That afternoon, I got to spend some time with a very close friend who took me around the cherry blossoms, Georgetown, Union Station, and many stops in between.   We walked everywhere.  Loved being able to walk everywhere.  We had to do some dodging of the weather.  One minute it would be sunny and beautiful, then the next wind, rain, hail.  It was crazy.  A little cool but not too bad.  Sunday was my rest day.  I spent the morning in D.C. and then headed home.


My first day of work was good.  Just learning the ropes.  I was able to run yesterday evening in the new Wellness Center.  The weather here has been crazy too.  Yesterday was warm and then had some storms.  Today is cold with a lot of winda nd snow.  You never know with this weather.


The semester at UPJ is winding down. Not too much to plan for right now but I will soon be getting ready for the summer and then the fall rush.  Just getting my feet wet before really getting into the work thing.      

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A Couple Days Off

Posted by katrinwolfe Nov 22, 2010

My knee is finally starting to feel better.  Last week was tough.  I only got a run in on Tuesday. I did a lot of  cross training on elliptical and bike.  Doing a lot better.


Funny thing though is I went to Washington D.C. for the weekend and did a lot of walking.  Now I am suffering from DOMS in my shins.  Craziness.  I did a lot of power walking type exercise with a close friend.  My legs were just not use to it.  Despite the slight soreness in my shins I had a great weekend with friends and watching Penn State beat Indiana University in football.  DC is an awesome running/walking city.  Every morning when my friend Katey and I went for a walk we saw so many people out exercising.  It was wonderful to see such an active city.


This week is Thanksgiving week.  I am running in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  I am doing the five mile race.  Very excited.  I am feeling much better.  I am going for a small run/walk tomorrow and Wednesday.  Can't wait to run and celebrate Thanksgiving with family.


Next week hopefully will be back to normal with running, exercise, work, and everything else.  Holiday season is tough, however, I am more committed than ever.




Penn State gang in the wonderful November sunshine.  Hard to believe we are in short sleeve shirts in November watching the Nittany Lions win.



Best walking buddy.  Love the blue sky!

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