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Back at it

Posted by katrinwolfe Sep 29, 2011

I am running again.  I literally took the whole summer off from running.  My left leg IT band was so sore and painful after last springs training and race, I knew I needed a break.  I did remain active throughout the summer with golf, walking, and biking.  I bought a bike after the marathon to help with cross-training.  I love being outside and a bike was a great option.  I work in a Wellness Center so all the equipment I need is right outside my office door.  I also played a lot of golf.  I am a golfer through and through.  Being on a golf course is like being home.  I also did not want to run because the IT problems affected my golf game.  I had some soreness at the beginning of summer while playing golf and even had to walk off the course due to severe pain in my left leg.  However, in the last 6-8 weeks I have not had any problems. 


I just started running again this week.  For the next 2-3 weeks I do not plan on running more than 2-3 miles probably only 2-3 times per week.  I started running on the treadmill.  I was recommended by a family member to try the treadmill first because of the "shock absorption" that treadmills apply.  I do not want to start pounding the pavement to go back on the injured list.  I am not really sore except in my leg leg on the lateral side.  I will not lie, it makes me nervous.  The problem area.  I know IT band syndrome is from over-training and poor stretching.  I need to be very careful.


I did sign-up again for the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon in May.  I am very excited to run in the race, again.  It was so much fun last year.  I hope to have a good training season.  I will definitely limit the races I do in the spring to keep my body in shape.  This is another exciting time.  My true training will begin after the new year but I am just trying to get my running legs under me again


Happy Running and Happy Fall  

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Knee Not Feeling So Good

Posted by katrinwolfe Apr 10, 2011

On Monday I started my new job at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown as the Director of the Wellness Center.  It was a crazy week trying to figure everything out and getting started. I am still very green but I will hopefully fit in very well.  The Center is new and I am the first Director.  It is a little disorganized now but I hope to get everything in order.  It is also hard because there is only two weeks left of classes and then one week of finals before summer hours begin.


I did get most of my running.  On Friday I was suppose to do 7 miles but only did 5 miles.  Yesterday (Saturday), was my long run.  I had 20 miles scheduled.  I hate numbers right now so I figured I would do 3 hours.  I did fine but after the run has been hard.  I tweaked my left knee.  It has been sore ever since.  No idea what I did.  After I stopped running my knee started bothering me.  I have elevated, iced, heated, and took some Tylenol.  I may take it very easy this week with little exercise and what I do is very low impact.  A little nervous having this injury at the end of the training.  My knee is not really swollen but still not feeling very good.


One problem for my knee is I have not really rested my knee.  I have played golf the past two days and went for walk.  I really need to take it easy.


The final round of the Masters was today.  I am a huge golf fan.  It was a great tournament with a great finish.  I am also excited because the next Major I will be in attendence.  I am going to the U.S. Open at Congressional in June.  I will be on site Wednesday for the practice round and Thursday for the first round.


I am hoping for a good week with a quick recovery of my knee!

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A Cold Snowy Run

Posted by katrinwolfe Jan 29, 2011

The running continues.  Running during the week was tough.  I was not motivated.  I did manage to get all the runs in during the week but I did not feel like they were strong runs.  After my micro-cycle last week my times for week day runs was increased to 45 minutes.  I never knew how much five minuets could affect me.  Wednesday was the toughest run.  The weather was not great outside so I ran inside on the treadmill (which is typical for weekday runs) and I was trying get it done so I could go home.  The whole situation did not lead for a good mind set for the run.


Today I complete my long run for the week.  I had eight miles in the cold, snowy morning.  The snow was the cold wet snow.  I felt pretty good the whole run.  The only major problem I had with the weather was the snow getting in my eyes.  Also, a good thing was it was not that snowy.  I ran in the town of Oakmont, PA.  A cute little town, perfect for running.  The community is safe with a lot of sidewalks, wide roads, and paved trail in the middle of town.  I saw a couple of hardy walkers this morning.  I like when I see the weather not slowing down dedicated active individuals.


I am excited that tomorrow for my rest day I am going to hit golf balls at an indoor driving on the northwest side of Pittsburgh.  I have not hit a golfball since November.  I know after I hit balls tomorrow I am going to very much want summer to come ASAP.  Running is fun but golf is my sport.  Living in Pennsylvania does not allow for a lot of winter golf but that is why I have running in the winter.  I actually chose to do the Pittsburgh marathon so that a lot of my training was not in good golf weather.  Golf usually starts at the end of March (depending on how bad and long winter is).  I really will only have about a month and a half overlap of golf and marathon training.  During the summer I like to run but I do not like to have any runs over six miles.   I will probably do a half marathon in October which will be perfect.  The runs for the half were not bad last year and did not effect my golf.  The only thing was after the race I had to take a week of from golf.


I saw there is a possible snowstorm coming mid-week.  I hope it misses us.  I do not want another snowstorm.  Please go fast February.  

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Tough Week for My Body

Posted by katrinwolfe Nov 15, 2010

I am battling a little body pains.  My right knee is bothering me.  I am currently using heat/ice treatment.  Just frustrating.  Last week I tried to take it easy which is difficult for me.  On Saturday I went to play golf and by the 15th hole I was in some pain.  I do not like when my pain starts bothering my golf game, and I am not able to be active.  I tried to run a little last week, and it was not worth it.  I definitely needed to rest my leg.  Saturday evening I rested my knee with ice, heat, and ibuprofen.  On Sunday morning I started to feel a little better so I went for a short jog.  I had to stop, and walk but if felt a little better.


I started to do a little research about knee injuries.  I thought it sounded like I had runner's knee.  I bought an ace band for the knee.  I like the feel of the compression on my leg.  If helps a little bit.  One of my co-workers says it sounds like I have IT band tightness.  That is a definite possibility because I do not stretch as well as I should.  He recommended to use a roller, and stretching.  Using the roller was tough.  I could really feel the tightness, and had some pain.  Another gentleman at the gym explained he suffered the same problem I am currently having, and that with regularly stretching and the roller he feels better.


I am running in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  I hope my leg feels better for the run.  I am currently on my heat treatment.  I will work hard to be diligent on stretching and using the roller to help my IT band.

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I am kind

Posted by katrinwolfe Nov 10, 2010

I am new to the world of running.  I have run in the past but nothing special.  I was also running for a team.  I was told to run so I did.  Now I am running because I want to.  I complete my first half marathon in October and now I am going for a full marathon.


I started running for vanity sake.  I like to exercise to maintain a health body and to keep my weight in check.  I did my first half-marathon because I got a free registration.  I soon realized that this running thing is kind of fun. 


I am a golfer.  I will first and forth most call myself a golfer.  However, I am miss competing in golf like I did in college and amateur days.  I still compete and play all the time but I miss that rush of the competition. I only play in one or two events a year so I needed something more.  For the first time in the half marathon, I felt the adrenaline of a competition.  I had something to train for.  Exercise and training became one.  Plus the running and training helped my golf game.  I find something new.


I am running in my first marathon this spring.  I will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon.  Very excited and nervous.  I am also going to run for a cause.  I am going to raise money for Girls on the Run.  "Girls on the Run is an experiential afterschool program that encourages young girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles" (Girls on the Run).  I needed some motivation and I found it.  The program is for girls 3rd through 8th grade.  With the rise of obesity and sedentary behaviors it is great to have a program that works to help girls have a healthier lifestyle physically, mentally, and socially.


Here I go.  

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