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I have written in a while.  Sorry world.  Starting a new job, bad weather, and bad knee have all added up.  This week was the first time in over two weeks I started running again.  Monday and Wednesday were tough runs.  I ran yesterday as well an did 5 miles.  No problems and I felt good during and after the run.


Today I ran the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon for my last long run before the marathon.  It was tough and my knee is not doing well.  Very sore this evening.  I had some pain through out the whole race.  The most pain came when I was running up hill.  Not good.


I am debating running the Half Marathon in Pittsburgh.  With all the hills in the marathon especially the second half, I am very nervous.  I know I can do a half, but I don't know if my knee and body can handle the full.  This whole thing makes me so frustrated.  I am calling the doctor tomorrow.  See whats really going on.


I trained for the marathon and knowing I may not be able to run the race is so hard.  I just have to see what happens.

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Posted by katrinwolfe Apr 17, 2011

I had a bad week for running.  I actually did not run.  I have not run since last Saturday.  Eight days since my last run.  I have an injury.  I have IT Band Syndrome.  I have done a lot of RICE.  Today was the first major workout I have done since the IT band problems surfaced last Saturday.  I do not have the pain I was experiencing all week.  I don't feel 100% so that is why I have done any running.  I do not want to risk any more problems with the marathon so close.  I will hopefully start running this coming Saturday.  I know not running for two weeks is not great but I can't risk feeling as bad as I have this past week.


I bought a foam roller which has helped tremendously.  I have also been doing a lot of stretching.  This week I will focus on low impact exercise with a lot of stretching.  When I do start running again it will be smaller distances.  I don't know if I will get another 20 mile run in before the race.  In my head I don't really plan on doing anything more than 12-13 miles.  No ideal but I would be devastated if I could not run this marathon.  I have been training since Christmas.  I put too much time and effort into this to risk greater injury.  I am going to be smart about my training for the next month.


I am extremely nervous about this marathon especially with some unexpected injuries.  I am going to be smart.

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