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The Pittsburgh Marathon

Posted by katrinwolfe May 16, 2011

I ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon this weekend.  I officially switched races.  I loved the race.  It was very tough.  My left knee did not feel good the whole race, and I had to go to the bathroom.  I did my pre-race bathroom run, but I need to use the facilities during the race.  I tried to stop at the first restroom area.  I was next in line but the person in front of me was taking way too long. I could wait that long without risking my knee tightening up.  I finally got to use the restroom around mile 8.  I still had some waiting to do but not too bad.


The face support in Pittsburgh was amazing.  So much fun.  The bands were a great addition, and all the festivals in the neighborhoods made me keep going.  I loved that the start was in the middle of downtown and the finish at the Stadiums.  My favorite moment was on the North Shore with the Gospel Choir.  The South Side was great with all of the people out supporting the runners.  However, nothing beats the finish with Clemente Bridge and all the roads to the Finish Line filled with supporters.  Thank you Pittsburgh.  I will definitely be back and this time running the Full Marathon.


I was able to go to the doctor about knee.  I was diagnosed with IT Band Syndrome.  I had a feeling that is what the problem was but I was afraid that I might also have other underlying issues especially with my meniscus.  I learned that IT Band Syndrome is caused by over training.  I now have to take about 4-6 weeks off from running and high impact exercises.  I was also given a topical cream for the pain.  I cannot wait to get back running and running without pain.


Next time I train for a marathon I will have to look at my training.  I know some of problems come from teaching a lot of group exercise classes.  That should not be a problem now.  I will not have to teach at all if I don't want.  I also have to see maybe I should minimize my distances during the week.  I also think I peaked to early for Pittsburgh.  I did some of the those longer distance races in the late winter and early spring.  I was not quite at those distances yet but I wanted to make sure I could run the longer distances.


I can't wait to rest today.  Time to take some much needed time off.  I can't wait to train for another event.

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Knee Not Feeling So Good

Posted by katrinwolfe Apr 10, 2011

On Monday I started my new job at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown as the Director of the Wellness Center.  It was a crazy week trying to figure everything out and getting started. I am still very green but I will hopefully fit in very well.  The Center is new and I am the first Director.  It is a little disorganized now but I hope to get everything in order.  It is also hard because there is only two weeks left of classes and then one week of finals before summer hours begin.


I did get most of my running.  On Friday I was suppose to do 7 miles but only did 5 miles.  Yesterday (Saturday), was my long run.  I had 20 miles scheduled.  I hate numbers right now so I figured I would do 3 hours.  I did fine but after the run has been hard.  I tweaked my left knee.  It has been sore ever since.  No idea what I did.  After I stopped running my knee started bothering me.  I have elevated, iced, heated, and took some Tylenol.  I may take it very easy this week with little exercise and what I do is very low impact.  A little nervous having this injury at the end of the training.  My knee is not really swollen but still not feeling very good.


One problem for my knee is I have not really rested my knee.  I have played golf the past two days and went for walk.  I really need to take it easy.


The final round of the Masters was today.  I am a huge golf fan.  It was a great tournament with a great finish.  I am also excited because the next Major I will be in attendence.  I am going to the U.S. Open at Congressional in June.  I will be on site Wednesday for the practice round and Thursday for the first round.


I am hoping for a good week with a quick recovery of my knee!

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A Couple Days Off

Posted by katrinwolfe Nov 22, 2010

My knee is finally starting to feel better.  Last week was tough.  I only got a run in on Tuesday. I did a lot of  cross training on elliptical and bike.  Doing a lot better.


Funny thing though is I went to Washington D.C. for the weekend and did a lot of walking.  Now I am suffering from DOMS in my shins.  Craziness.  I did a lot of power walking type exercise with a close friend.  My legs were just not use to it.  Despite the slight soreness in my shins I had a great weekend with friends and watching Penn State beat Indiana University in football.  DC is an awesome running/walking city.  Every morning when my friend Katey and I went for a walk we saw so many people out exercising.  It was wonderful to see such an active city.


This week is Thanksgiving week.  I am running in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  I am doing the five mile race.  Very excited.  I am feeling much better.  I am going for a small run/walk tomorrow and Wednesday.  Can't wait to run and celebrate Thanksgiving with family.


Next week hopefully will be back to normal with running, exercise, work, and everything else.  Holiday season is tough, however, I am more committed than ever.




Penn State gang in the wonderful November sunshine.  Hard to believe we are in short sleeve shirts in November watching the Nittany Lions win.



Best walking buddy.  Love the blue sky!

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Tough Week for My Body

Posted by katrinwolfe Nov 15, 2010

I am battling a little body pains.  My right knee is bothering me.  I am currently using heat/ice treatment.  Just frustrating.  Last week I tried to take it easy which is difficult for me.  On Saturday I went to play golf and by the 15th hole I was in some pain.  I do not like when my pain starts bothering my golf game, and I am not able to be active.  I tried to run a little last week, and it was not worth it.  I definitely needed to rest my leg.  Saturday evening I rested my knee with ice, heat, and ibuprofen.  On Sunday morning I started to feel a little better so I went for a short jog.  I had to stop, and walk but if felt a little better.


I started to do a little research about knee injuries.  I thought it sounded like I had runner's knee.  I bought an ace band for the knee.  I like the feel of the compression on my leg.  If helps a little bit.  One of my co-workers says it sounds like I have IT band tightness.  That is a definite possibility because I do not stretch as well as I should.  He recommended to use a roller, and stretching.  Using the roller was tough.  I could really feel the tightness, and had some pain.  Another gentleman at the gym explained he suffered the same problem I am currently having, and that with regularly stretching and the roller he feels better.


I am running in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  I hope my leg feels better for the run.  I am currently on my heat treatment.  I will work hard to be diligent on stretching and using the roller to help my IT band.

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