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I think to explain the rough week I need to go back to last Sunday.


Last Sunday I hit golf balls for the first time since November.  I loved getting to hit golf balls but it was a tough day on my body.  I hit a large bucket of golf balls.  My hands hurt plus my abs and legs.  When you don't use or don't do it the pain comes quickly.  I know enough that it was going hurt on Monday.  I was so right.  I was sore Monday.


Monday was a sore day but I did have the day off.  I had to use my last PTO day from 2010.  I did get run outside on Monday.  It was actually a pretty nice day.


Tuesday, I decided that I was going to lift like a maniac.  I went through a crazy lift with some cross-training.


Wednesday, I could definitely feel my lift from Tuesday.  I had a 45 minute run and I think my pace as 10 minutes.  I ran the whole time but I was so slow.  Plus, I had to do it on a treadmill because we had some winter weather on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Thursday, I was still sore.  The lift and golf just added up.  Plus, I had to teach two group fitness classes that day due to a teacher being out ill.  I did do my own workout but not a tough workout.  I did a lift but only on the strength machines.  I did a little cross-training as well.


Friday, I was still sore.  My body was not excited to be working, and I had a hard time getting up in the morning.  At work it was nice because we had a tailgate party to celebrate the Super Bowl.  Work all week had an interesting fun atmosphere with everyone excited for the Steeler's playing in the Super Bowl.  I was glad Friday's run was only four miles.  I felt good during the run but knew I need to rest after the run to get ready for Saturday's long run.


Saturday the rough run day.  I let myself sleep until I woke up.  I knew my body was tired from having a hard time getting up during the week.  My run then started later than usual.  I ran outside and when I started my run it was just overcast and about 32 degrees.  I had nine miles scheduled.  At about four miles into the run it started to rain.  It actually started to rain pretty hard.  I checked the weather and it said the rain would not come until later in the afternoon.  Since I was already in the run I just kept going.  At about mile 6 I had to run over a brick road.  I slipped a little and then I completely fell.  I was on the ground.  Scared me so much.  I got up and checked and I was okay.  I was lucky that I did not put my hands out to catch my fall.  I walked a little bit.  I switched to a paved road but I had already stiffened up.  I was nervous about running now.  I was up on a hill so I came down and finished up my run around my place.  I did a lot of small circles.  My pace was slow but I got the run done.  I was so stiff and sore at the end of the run.  The week just added up.  I stretch and then took a cold shower.


I am very lucky that my fall was nothing serious.  I am ready to get some nice weather.  It is suppose to get very cold again this week.  I would like some warm weather.  I have not been very lucky with the weather on my long runs.


I bet tomorrow I feel the some of the fall in my muscles.  I think some Ibuprofen is in my future.

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