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Three Mile Run

Posted by katrinwolfe Oct 2, 2011

I did a three mile run yesterday.  I am very excited about the run.  It was on the treadmill but I did it without stopping and no pain.  Small gains in the running challenge. 


Hopefully, in a week or two I will be able to run outside.  However, the weather is crappy.  We are going into day three of rain.  We even saw some snowflakes throughout the day.  I miss the Indian Summer, that usually graces us in October. 


I am ready to try some more running this week .

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First Double Digit Run

Posted by katrinwolfe Feb 19, 2011

I finished my first double digit run of my marathon training.  10 miles.  The distances are getting longer and the marathon is getting closer.  Exciting.


The weather was interesting this week.  We had a warm week for February.  On Thursday and Friday, 60 degrees temperatures were reached.  It was amazing.  I was able to run outside Tuesday through Saturday.  So much fun.  It is going to be hard this week when I know I have to run on the treadmill a couple of times because of my schedule and weather.  Despite some nice conditions, running was tough.  I did well early in the week but my run on Friday evening was so tough.  I ran 5 miles on Friday but I felt like it took three hours.  I just could not believe how long it felt like it took.  I kept checking my clock.  I could also tell I was not running at my usually pace.  Just a little sluggish.  It was funny, during my run on Friday I could feel the cold front coming in for the weekend.  During my run it started to get cold and windy.  I check after I finished running and it dropped about 10 degrees during my run.  That is crazy.


Saturday was windy.  I thought I might see Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West go by.  I however did not but it was difficult running in about 20-30 mph winds with wind gust over 40 mph.  The temperature was not too warm but not unbearable.  The run was tough.  It is hard getting in the double digits.  I felt a little slow during the run.  Nothing too exciting happened during the run.  Tripped near the end coming down the hill when I tripped over uneven pavement.  A little tweak on my knee but nothing serious.  I did stop running about 10 yards before my actual finish line.  That was disappointing.  I was very upset with myself.  I stopped because there were two cars in my way, and I got frustrated.  I think I just wanted to stop running.


I am very excited to have a rest day tomorrow.  I am ready to recharge my batteries for another week of training.


One final note, I am less than three months away from the Pittsburgh Marathon.  On Monday, I drove up Forbes Avenue into Oakland.  This is the largest hill we will encounter during the race.  It was hard hitting because it is steep.  I knew it was steep but looks twice as steep knowing that I have to run up that hill in May.  I do run hills during my training but that feels like the toughest battle of the race.  This is why we train, though.    

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