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Three Mile Run

Posted by katrinwolfe Oct 2, 2011

I did a three mile run yesterday.  I am very excited about the run.  It was on the treadmill but I did it without stopping and no pain.  Small gains in the running challenge. 


Hopefully, in a week or two I will be able to run outside.  However, the weather is crappy.  We are going into day three of rain.  We even saw some snowflakes throughout the day.  I miss the Indian Summer, that usually graces us in October. 


I am ready to try some more running this week .

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Back at it

Posted by katrinwolfe Sep 29, 2011

I am running again.  I literally took the whole summer off from running.  My left leg IT band was so sore and painful after last springs training and race, I knew I needed a break.  I did remain active throughout the summer with golf, walking, and biking.  I bought a bike after the marathon to help with cross-training.  I love being outside and a bike was a great option.  I work in a Wellness Center so all the equipment I need is right outside my office door.  I also played a lot of golf.  I am a golfer through and through.  Being on a golf course is like being home.  I also did not want to run because the IT problems affected my golf game.  I had some soreness at the beginning of summer while playing golf and even had to walk off the course due to severe pain in my left leg.  However, in the last 6-8 weeks I have not had any problems. 


I just started running again this week.  For the next 2-3 weeks I do not plan on running more than 2-3 miles probably only 2-3 times per week.  I started running on the treadmill.  I was recommended by a family member to try the treadmill first because of the "shock absorption" that treadmills apply.  I do not want to start pounding the pavement to go back on the injured list.  I am not really sore except in my leg leg on the lateral side.  I will not lie, it makes me nervous.  The problem area.  I know IT band syndrome is from over-training and poor stretching.  I need to be very careful.


I did sign-up again for the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon in May.  I am very excited to run in the race, again.  It was so much fun last year.  I hope to have a good training season.  I will definitely limit the races I do in the spring to keep my body in shape.  This is another exciting time.  My true training will begin after the new year but I am just trying to get my running legs under me again


Happy Running and Happy Fall  

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The Pittsburgh Marathon

Posted by katrinwolfe May 16, 2011

I ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon this weekend.  I officially switched races.  I loved the race.  It was very tough.  My left knee did not feel good the whole race, and I had to go to the bathroom.  I did my pre-race bathroom run, but I need to use the facilities during the race.  I tried to stop at the first restroom area.  I was next in line but the person in front of me was taking way too long. I could wait that long without risking my knee tightening up.  I finally got to use the restroom around mile 8.  I still had some waiting to do but not too bad.


The face support in Pittsburgh was amazing.  So much fun.  The bands were a great addition, and all the festivals in the neighborhoods made me keep going.  I loved that the start was in the middle of downtown and the finish at the Stadiums.  My favorite moment was on the North Shore with the Gospel Choir.  The South Side was great with all of the people out supporting the runners.  However, nothing beats the finish with Clemente Bridge and all the roads to the Finish Line filled with supporters.  Thank you Pittsburgh.  I will definitely be back and this time running the Full Marathon.


I was able to go to the doctor about knee.  I was diagnosed with IT Band Syndrome.  I had a feeling that is what the problem was but I was afraid that I might also have other underlying issues especially with my meniscus.  I learned that IT Band Syndrome is caused by over training.  I now have to take about 4-6 weeks off from running and high impact exercises.  I was also given a topical cream for the pain.  I cannot wait to get back running and running without pain.


Next time I train for a marathon I will have to look at my training.  I know some of problems come from teaching a lot of group exercise classes.  That should not be a problem now.  I will not have to teach at all if I don't want.  I also have to see maybe I should minimize my distances during the week.  I also think I peaked to early for Pittsburgh.  I did some of the those longer distance races in the late winter and early spring.  I was not quite at those distances yet but I wanted to make sure I could run the longer distances.


I can't wait to rest today.  Time to take some much needed time off.  I can't wait to train for another event.

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I have written in a while.  Sorry world.  Starting a new job, bad weather, and bad knee have all added up.  This week was the first time in over two weeks I started running again.  Monday and Wednesday were tough runs.  I ran yesterday as well an did 5 miles.  No problems and I felt good during and after the run.


Today I ran the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon for my last long run before the marathon.  It was tough and my knee is not doing well.  Very sore this evening.  I had some pain through out the whole race.  The most pain came when I was running up hill.  Not good.


I am debating running the Half Marathon in Pittsburgh.  With all the hills in the marathon especially the second half, I am very nervous.  I know I can do a half, but I don't know if my knee and body can handle the full.  This whole thing makes me so frustrated.  I am calling the doctor tomorrow.  See whats really going on.


I trained for the marathon and knowing I may not be able to run the race is so hard.  I just have to see what happens.

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Posted by katrinwolfe Apr 17, 2011

I had a bad week for running.  I actually did not run.  I have not run since last Saturday.  Eight days since my last run.  I have an injury.  I have IT Band Syndrome.  I have done a lot of RICE.  Today was the first major workout I have done since the IT band problems surfaced last Saturday.  I do not have the pain I was experiencing all week.  I don't feel 100% so that is why I have done any running.  I do not want to risk any more problems with the marathon so close.  I will hopefully start running this coming Saturday.  I know not running for two weeks is not great but I can't risk feeling as bad as I have this past week.


I bought a foam roller which has helped tremendously.  I have also been doing a lot of stretching.  This week I will focus on low impact exercise with a lot of stretching.  When I do start running again it will be smaller distances.  I don't know if I will get another 20 mile run in before the race.  In my head I don't really plan on doing anything more than 12-13 miles.  No ideal but I would be devastated if I could not run this marathon.  I have been training since Christmas.  I put too much time and effort into this to risk greater injury.  I am going to be smart about my training for the next month.


I am extremely nervous about this marathon especially with some unexpected injuries.  I am going to be smart.

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Knee Not Feeling So Good

Posted by katrinwolfe Apr 10, 2011

On Monday I started my new job at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown as the Director of the Wellness Center.  It was a crazy week trying to figure everything out and getting started. I am still very green but I will hopefully fit in very well.  The Center is new and I am the first Director.  It is a little disorganized now but I hope to get everything in order.  It is also hard because there is only two weeks left of classes and then one week of finals before summer hours begin.


I did get most of my running.  On Friday I was suppose to do 7 miles but only did 5 miles.  Yesterday (Saturday), was my long run.  I had 20 miles scheduled.  I hate numbers right now so I figured I would do 3 hours.  I did fine but after the run has been hard.  I tweaked my left knee.  It has been sore ever since.  No idea what I did.  After I stopped running my knee started bothering me.  I have elevated, iced, heated, and took some Tylenol.  I may take it very easy this week with little exercise and what I do is very low impact.  A little nervous having this injury at the end of the training.  My knee is not really swollen but still not feeling very good.


One problem for my knee is I have not really rested my knee.  I have played golf the past two days and went for walk.  I really need to take it easy.


The final round of the Masters was today.  I am a huge golf fan.  It was a great tournament with a great finish.  I am also excited because the next Major I will be in attendence.  I am going to the U.S. Open at Congressional in June.  I will be on site Wednesday for the practice round and Thursday for the first round.


I am hoping for a good week with a quick recovery of my knee!

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Life Gets Crazy Sometimes

Posted by katrinwolfe Apr 5, 2011

The last two weeks have been crazy.  I ran a 30K, finished one job, went on a mini-vacation to Washington D.C., started a new job.  It has been crazy but fun.


Last Thursday (March 31), I finished my job as the Health and Wellness Director at the Penn Hills YMCA.  I then moved some stuff back to Johnstown so that night I could go to a local musical and out with some friends.  The next morning I did a run and then traveled to Washington D.C. for the weekend.  I went to visit a close friend and see the cherry blossoms.  I then came back to Johnstown to start my new job.  My first day was yesterday (April 4).  The first week as with all jobs is just getting to know the place.  I took a position wit the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown as the Director of the Wellness Center.


I have been able to run.  On Saturday morning I was able to run through D.C. for y 8 mile run.  I got to run by all the monuments and the cherry blossoms before the craziness of the tourists began.  It was a beautiful morning for a run.  It was fun to do a run in a different city.  Not the same old run.  That afternoon, I got to spend some time with a very close friend who took me around the cherry blossoms, Georgetown, Union Station, and many stops in between.   We walked everywhere.  Loved being able to walk everywhere.  We had to do some dodging of the weather.  One minute it would be sunny and beautiful, then the next wind, rain, hail.  It was crazy.  A little cool but not too bad.  Sunday was my rest day.  I spent the morning in D.C. and then headed home.


My first day of work was good.  Just learning the ropes.  I was able to run yesterday evening in the new Wellness Center.  The weather here has been crazy too.  Yesterday was warm and then had some storms.  Today is cold with a lot of winda nd snow.  You never know with this weather.


The semester at UPJ is winding down. Not too much to plan for right now but I will soon be getting ready for the summer and then the fall rush.  Just getting my feet wet before really getting into the work thing.      

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Longest Run Ever

Posted by katrinwolfe Mar 27, 2011

I continue to rack up the miles.  I did a 30k race over the weekend.  Despite the calendar saying it is spring, there was not spring in the air.  The temperature was more appropriate for the end of February not the end of March.  When I started the race the temperature was around 25 degrees.  Not that warm.  All the race I completed this year so far were down at or below freezing.  That is crazy to me.  I am not a cold weather person so for me to run these races in freeze temperatures is pretty amazing.


I did the 30k a part of the Just A Short Run.  They offered several different distances to run and the 30k was the longest.  The race was held in North Park just north of Pittsburgh.  I did my previous race at North Park as well.  The race course started and ended at the same place.  I did the lake loop again but in reverse. The race started a little different with a 3.5 run through some other areas of the park and then to the loop.  I would not call this course flat.  There is so decent hills especially at the beginning leg and the loops have some good rolls.  I feel that this was a good race for a warm-up to the Pittsburgh Marathon.


I am sore today.  Not bad enough I cannot walk but enough that I feel sore especially in my buttocks and calves.  I hate the hours after races.  I feel terrible, and there is little that makes me feel comfortable.  I am not a napper.  I always try to take a nap, and it never works.  I did go to bed early.  I woke up at a normal time but I feel sluggish today.  I hope tomorrow I feel refreshed and ready to go.


This is going to be a crazy week.  It is my last week at the Penn Hills YMCA.  I finish my duties at the YMCA on Thursday.  On Thursday evening I am going to my old high school's musical, Godspell.  On Friday, I leave for Washington D.C. for the weekend to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Then on Monday I start my new job.  A lot happening in a short amount of time.  I am glad this is rest week.  I have some extra rest days and shorter runs.  Good for me. 


Have a good week!  

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When is that Marathon again?

Posted by katrinwolfe Mar 19, 2011

The Pittsburgh Marathon is less than two months away.  I cannot wait to get this training over with.  I am hitting the wall mentally.  It is getting tough to be motivated to run.  Plus I wish Spring would come and just stay.  The temperatures are way too up and down for me.  I should know better and this is what Spring is normally like in Western PA but I am still frustrated.  I am definitely getting nervous about the race but I am ready to have my normal life back, well my regular workout routines back.  What is a normal life anyway, hehehe?


I am so ready to not have to deal with tripping during runs, and the rolled ankles that are inevitable.  I am ready for normal sleep patterns to return.  I have realized that I currently need about 9 to 9.5 hours of sleep a night to function at a good level.  I am ready not have to worry about do I have all my running gear packed.  I am ready not to have to wear my hydration belt.


The whole process is a tough mental game and I am glad I am currently beating the challenge.  However, it gets harder and harder as the training goes on.  Yesterday I was suppose to have a seven mile run.  Through out the week I over did myself physically.  I had to substitute for some group exercise classes.  I taught a cycling class for the first time in six months.  Can you say a major cause of DOMS followed? Also, I did some personal training which I usually don't do.  Training adds some extra stress.  In addition, I am in the process of changing jobs.  I have two weeks left in my current position and then I immediately start my new job.  That is a huge stress but a good one.  So when it came down to running 7 miles yesterday with sore, tired body it does not really work.  I got about 2 miles in and decided to listen to my body.  You need to take a break.  I learned yesterday that even though I was not scheduled for a rest day sometimes you have to give yourself a rest day.  I did a short walk because the weather was beautiful and then went home for a nap.  I also went out to dinner and a night out with friends.  It as much needed.


This morning I slept in.  I did not set an alarm and just let my body rest.  I slept till almost 10am, which is unheard of for me.  I then had a nice breakfast and then finally went for a run.  I had 8 miles today.  I did the whole run.  Not a bad run.  I did trip at one point and then rolled my left ankle a little but otherwise a good run.  I did some hills and the sun was out.  The temperature was perfect for a run.


Next week I have a training race that is a 30k.  I am so glad it was not this weekend.  I am not excited that I still have to teach all of my group classes but that soon will be ending.  It will be nice for the last month of my training that I can focus on running and not have to teach any group exercise classes.  I think that is not helping me very much.  I am running more than I have done in my life and adding a lot other exercise even if it teaching is not much fun.  I want to conserve as much energy as possible.           

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Big News

Posted by katrinwolfe Mar 13, 2011

I have big news...I accepted a new job.  I will be the Director of the Wellness Center at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  I am very excied to be starting a new endeavor.  I will begin my new position April 4.  I am very excited and cannot wait to get started.  I will be at the YMCA until the end of the month.


I had a long run of 14 miles this week.  I probably ran between 14 and 15 miles.  The weather was great on Saturday for a run.  I was nervous at the end of the week because we had a small winter storm come in.  I was afraid there would be some snow and ice on the ground during the run but the roads were clear.  It was a little windy but not too bad.  I just got a hydration belt for running but I did not wear it.  I should have but I do not like the feeling around my waist.  It feels very heavier.  I did put the belt in a place where I would be near a couple of times during the run.


This week will mark two months until the marathon.  Crazy!  I am on my way but still feel nervous.  I am definitely getting ready to finish this training but most keep going.         

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Crazy Week

Posted by katrinwolfe Mar 5, 2011

It has been a crazy week.  I have some good news but I am not going to announce it until next week.  I just have to finalize some stuff but I am so excited.


The week was crazy because of work and life.  I was tired a lot but not a sick tired.  I also tried to push five days of work into four.  I didn't want to take off Friday but I also didn't want to spend all day in the office.


I was so tired all this week.  I rarely was up past 9pm all week.  The only night I was up late was Tuesday and that is because I have to close at work.  I think last weeks running took a toll and my body.  I was just allowing myself to heal so to speak.  Even last night (Friday) I went to bed early.  I went out to dinner and a movie with friends.  As soon as I came home I was in bed.  The only good thing about early to bed is early to rise.  I like being able to get up easy in the early AM.


I was glad to have a "off week" or a micro-cycle.  My long run was seven miles.  I had to rough spots th is week.  My run on Friday of six miles was tough.  I did it on the treadmill early in the morning before work.  I wanted to get into work early so I could get on the road to come home to Johnstown.  I had some stuff planned for the weekend, and I did not want to be at work all day Friday.  I decided to do my run on the treadmill since I was already at work.  I was never able to get a good pace going.  I struggled to get the six miles in.


My long run was seven miles.  The only big thing about the run was I rolled my ankle about half way through.  I stepped on a rock.  Some crazy language came out and I had to walk for about 1/2 mile.  I did get the run finished.  I was also able to get it in before the major ran that is in Western PA for the weekend started.  My left foot is a little tight this evening but nothing major.


I am currently looking for a water belt for my long runs.  A lot of places do not carrying them in the store.  I guess I am going to have to order one online.  I don't like having extra stuff on my body but I know I need to have some type of hydration regularly now that I am in the longer runs.  I tried to do the place water out before the run but I can't guarantee they will be safe or that will be my exact route.  I have definitely had to change routes during a run.  I also need to get the carb gels or beans for the long runs.


Oh well the whole thing has been relatively fun.  I hope it continues that way.

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This week I ran my furthest distance ever.  This includes races, training, whatever.  I did a 15 mile race yesterday in North Park (north of Pittsburgh).  The weather could not be more perfect.  Temperatures in the high 30s, low 40s with lots of sunshine and little wind.  The race was a loop course that was 5 miles around a lake in the park.  For a February run the even had about 1500 competitors.  It was wonderful to see.  The race was 10, 15, 20 miles and you decided which one you wanted to complete.  The race was called The Spring Thaw.  I did three loops for 15 miles.  I am excited to say I completed the race.  It was definitely hard.


The first lap was not too bad with a lot of people around.  The beginning of the race was like most with a lot of people and everyone trying to get into position.  The good thing was that it did not too long to start to thin out.  The loop course was a tough with some rolling hills.  Also, in the second half of the loop (mile 2.5 to start/finish line) you have to battle traffic.  The race did go against traffic but in the first loop it still was a little tight.  I also found a tough spot from mile 1 to about mile 3.  There is only one water stop.  I just like looking forward to water stops.  Also, between mile 3 and 4 is tough because you are at the furthest point of the course and not too many people are around.  It felt very lonely and I had to battle mentally.  In both my second and third loops that is where I found it most difficult.  I battled with myself because I would not let myself walk.  I needed to run this whole race.  I never stopped running.  Good sign.


I did a very good job hydrating.  I am not a fan of sports drinks but I decided to go every other station water and the others Gatorade.  When I got half way through the race, I did water and Gatorade at every station.  I had a little of the carb gels.  I can't do a whole pack of gels so I just get a little squeeze. 


One my good friends also did the race.  She is training for the Pittsburgh Marathon as well.  It was great seeing her and getting to race together.  Both of us agreed this was a tough race but excited to finish.  My father also came to watch.  He was mine and my friend's caddy while we raced.  Not a bad day to be a spectator.


The weather is warm today and the sun is out so I am going for a leisurely walk.  This week is a microcyle with a eight mile long run.  Definitely looking forward to this week.  Onward to the marathon.      

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First Double Digit Run

Posted by katrinwolfe Feb 19, 2011

I finished my first double digit run of my marathon training.  10 miles.  The distances are getting longer and the marathon is getting closer.  Exciting.


The weather was interesting this week.  We had a warm week for February.  On Thursday and Friday, 60 degrees temperatures were reached.  It was amazing.  I was able to run outside Tuesday through Saturday.  So much fun.  It is going to be hard this week when I know I have to run on the treadmill a couple of times because of my schedule and weather.  Despite some nice conditions, running was tough.  I did well early in the week but my run on Friday evening was so tough.  I ran 5 miles on Friday but I felt like it took three hours.  I just could not believe how long it felt like it took.  I kept checking my clock.  I could also tell I was not running at my usually pace.  Just a little sluggish.  It was funny, during my run on Friday I could feel the cold front coming in for the weekend.  During my run it started to get cold and windy.  I check after I finished running and it dropped about 10 degrees during my run.  That is crazy.


Saturday was windy.  I thought I might see Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West go by.  I however did not but it was difficult running in about 20-30 mph winds with wind gust over 40 mph.  The temperature was not too warm but not unbearable.  The run was tough.  It is hard getting in the double digits.  I felt a little slow during the run.  Nothing too exciting happened during the run.  Tripped near the end coming down the hill when I tripped over uneven pavement.  A little tweak on my knee but nothing serious.  I did stop running about 10 yards before my actual finish line.  That was disappointing.  I was very upset with myself.  I stopped because there were two cars in my way, and I got frustrated.  I think I just wanted to stop running.


I am very excited to have a rest day tomorrow.  I am ready to recharge my batteries for another week of training.


One final note, I am less than three months away from the Pittsburgh Marathon.  On Monday, I drove up Forbes Avenue into Oakland.  This is the largest hill we will encounter during the race.  It was hard hitting because it is steep.  I knew it was steep but looks twice as steep knowing that I have to run up that hill in May.  I do run hills during my training but that feels like the toughest battle of the race.  This is why we train, though.    

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Colds Are No Fun

Posted by katrinwolfe Feb 13, 2011

I am at the ending stage of a cold.  Colds are such bummers.  There is nothing good about them.   I even had to take a day of a work because I was not doing well.  On Thursday I was teaching a group fitness class and I had to stop in the middle of it.  I thought I was going to pass out.  My body did not want to move anymore.  I went home for a quick nap and came back to work for a big meeting.  The meeting never happened because the speaker canceled during the meeting.  It was very frustrating.  I worked all week for the meeting and the gentleman ended up not coming, and it was so last minute.


Friday was the day I ended up taking off.  My body was not cooperating.  I slept from Thursday afternoon till about Saturday morning.  I had the chills, cough, sore throat, headache, and cold sweats.  On Saturday when I finally woke up, I felt a lot better.  I still have a cold but I am more able to function.


On Saturday I went to work to get a quick run in.  It was a tough run but I got in.  I knew I was still sick but I had the "cold sweats" while running.  Not a great feeling but I did it.  I ran this morning for my long.  It was nice to have a micro-cycle this week.  My chest was definitely tight during the run.  Since I really did not get my usually workouts in during the week, it felt like I had not run in a year.  My legs felt heavy.  In retrospect I probably started back too soon after not feeling well.  I am the worst on taking time off.  I had surgery on my foot during college and did everything I could to get out on the golf course.  I was practicing my putting on one foot because I was not to but any weight on my left foot.


I am feeling a lot better.  I am glad it was nothing worse than a cold.  I hate missing work for illness but sometimes you just have to take off for the good of your health.  I just think it makes me feel lazy when I take off for sickness.  So weird.

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I think to explain the rough week I need to go back to last Sunday.


Last Sunday I hit golf balls for the first time since November.  I loved getting to hit golf balls but it was a tough day on my body.  I hit a large bucket of golf balls.  My hands hurt plus my abs and legs.  When you don't use or don't do it the pain comes quickly.  I know enough that it was going hurt on Monday.  I was so right.  I was sore Monday.


Monday was a sore day but I did have the day off.  I had to use my last PTO day from 2010.  I did get run outside on Monday.  It was actually a pretty nice day.


Tuesday, I decided that I was going to lift like a maniac.  I went through a crazy lift with some cross-training.


Wednesday, I could definitely feel my lift from Tuesday.  I had a 45 minute run and I think my pace as 10 minutes.  I ran the whole time but I was so slow.  Plus, I had to do it on a treadmill because we had some winter weather on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Thursday, I was still sore.  The lift and golf just added up.  Plus, I had to teach two group fitness classes that day due to a teacher being out ill.  I did do my own workout but not a tough workout.  I did a lift but only on the strength machines.  I did a little cross-training as well.


Friday, I was still sore.  My body was not excited to be working, and I had a hard time getting up in the morning.  At work it was nice because we had a tailgate party to celebrate the Super Bowl.  Work all week had an interesting fun atmosphere with everyone excited for the Steeler's playing in the Super Bowl.  I was glad Friday's run was only four miles.  I felt good during the run but knew I need to rest after the run to get ready for Saturday's long run.


Saturday the rough run day.  I let myself sleep until I woke up.  I knew my body was tired from having a hard time getting up during the week.  My run then started later than usual.  I ran outside and when I started my run it was just overcast and about 32 degrees.  I had nine miles scheduled.  At about four miles into the run it started to rain.  It actually started to rain pretty hard.  I checked the weather and it said the rain would not come until later in the afternoon.  Since I was already in the run I just kept going.  At about mile 6 I had to run over a brick road.  I slipped a little and then I completely fell.  I was on the ground.  Scared me so much.  I got up and checked and I was okay.  I was lucky that I did not put my hands out to catch my fall.  I walked a little bit.  I switched to a paved road but I had already stiffened up.  I was nervous about running now.  I was up on a hill so I came down and finished up my run around my place.  I did a lot of small circles.  My pace was slow but I got the run done.  I was so stiff and sore at the end of the run.  The week just added up.  I stretch and then took a cold shower.


I am very lucky that my fall was nothing serious.  I am ready to get some nice weather.  It is suppose to get very cold again this week.  I would like some warm weather.  I have not been very lucky with the weather on my long runs.


I bet tomorrow I feel the some of the fall in my muscles.  I think some Ibuprofen is in my future.

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