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A Cold Snowy Run

Posted by katrinwolfe Jan 29, 2011

The running continues.  Running during the week was tough.  I was not motivated.  I did manage to get all the runs in during the week but I did not feel like they were strong runs.  After my micro-cycle last week my times for week day runs was increased to 45 minutes.  I never knew how much five minuets could affect me.  Wednesday was the toughest run.  The weather was not great outside so I ran inside on the treadmill (which is typical for weekday runs) and I was trying get it done so I could go home.  The whole situation did not lead for a good mind set for the run.


Today I complete my long run for the week.  I had eight miles in the cold, snowy morning.  The snow was the cold wet snow.  I felt pretty good the whole run.  The only major problem I had with the weather was the snow getting in my eyes.  Also, a good thing was it was not that snowy.  I ran in the town of Oakmont, PA.  A cute little town, perfect for running.  The community is safe with a lot of sidewalks, wide roads, and paved trail in the middle of town.  I saw a couple of hardy walkers this morning.  I like when I see the weather not slowing down dedicated active individuals.


I am excited that tomorrow for my rest day I am going to hit golf balls at an indoor driving on the northwest side of Pittsburgh.  I have not hit a golfball since November.  I know after I hit balls tomorrow I am going to very much want summer to come ASAP.  Running is fun but golf is my sport.  Living in Pennsylvania does not allow for a lot of winter golf but that is why I have running in the winter.  I actually chose to do the Pittsburgh marathon so that a lot of my training was not in good golf weather.  Golf usually starts at the end of March (depending on how bad and long winter is).  I really will only have about a month and a half overlap of golf and marathon training.  During the summer I like to run but I do not like to have any runs over six miles.   I will probably do a half marathon in October which will be perfect.  The runs for the half were not bad last year and did not effect my golf.  The only thing was after the race I had to take a week of from golf.


I saw there is a possible snowstorm coming mid-week.  I hope it misses us.  I do not want another snowstorm.  Please go fast February.  

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I loved that I was able to say my short run is only 6 miles this week, and then seeing the look on everyone's face.  Haha.  Priceless.  I got my first rest week, mico-cycle week, break week, or whatever you want to call it.  Also, my total miles for the week were decreased.  I could feel my body needing this week.  I have not had a lot of problems with mileage or long runs but I just wanted a break.  I was not discouraged this week and my mental process has been very good.  I feel good so far, and hope to continue with my body feeling very good.


The week has been very cold and the weather has been poor.  Pittsburgh had a decent amount of snow on Thursday night and Friday morning with about 5-6 inches of snow.  After the snow, extreme cold weather came into the area.  Pittsburgh is definitely not hitting the freezing mark.  Single digits and teens are more common highs.  My longs runs are done on Saturday.  I did a quick drive around my neighborhood, I was not comfortable running outside.  The snow was not removed well and the snow remaining was very compacted and looked icy.  I am not comfortable running outside in those conditions.  Plus, at the times I was scheduled to do my runs the temperatures were around 0 with wind.  I have not problems running in cold temperatures but when the wind chills are in the negatives I do not feel comfortable outside.  I was lucking that I only had six miles this week.  I did the run on the treadmill.


I hope for some warming temperatures this week and weekend.  I always feel cold and would like to get some warmth on my body.  I am ready to run some more.


Big day here in Pittsburgh: Steelers playing for the AFC championship.  HERE WE GO STEELERS!

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Another run, another week

Posted by katrinwolfe Jan 16, 2011

The winter has been cold.  The snowfall has not been too bad but the cold weather has been tough.  I saw on the news the other day since December 1 we have only been above freezing maybe 4 or 5 times.  I want some warmth.  A couple of days consistently above freezing would be wonderful.


I have decided to change my training schedule a little. Instead of having only one day of week of cross-training, I am going to do two.  I have decided to do the cross-training with the scheduled strength training on Tuesday and Thursday.  I like doing cross-training activities.  Also, my runs on Thursday have been very poor or I have not had the mental focus I would like.  I think this change will help me because I need another small break from running during the week, and I get to add some activities I really enjoy.


I just purchased a Nike+ for my iPod.  I wanted a tracking system for my runs and this is the one that seemed to fit everything I wanted.  I already had the iPod.  I took it on my run yesterday for 7 miles.  I decided not to calibrate it before I ran.  Bad idea.  The Nike+ definitely needs calibrated.  I need to do that sometime this week.  I ran for about 60 minutes yesterday which the Nike+ said was 7 miles.  I know my pace is not good enough to run 7 miles in 60 minutes.  I figured I ran approximately 6.5 miles in reality.  I just wanted to test the Nike+ now before I got into long runs.  I will calibrate this week.  I have a micro-cycle this week with six miles on the weekend.  That is a good distance to see how my calibration is compared to my time and actual distance.


I am very grateful for the rest day today and the micro-cycle this week.  I have developed a small cold.  Only annoying and nothing serious.  Some nasal congestion and drainage which is leading to a sore throat.  I think the sore throats are the worse.  I hate waking up in the morning with a pain in my throat and the pain of swallowing.  I will get by, lets of fluids and some vitamin C are in order to beat this bugger quickly.  

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Running in Central Park

Posted by katrinwolfe Jan 9, 2011

This is week 2 of marathon training.  This week was harder due to some challenges during work.  I was at work way longer than I needed to be and was not able to start my workouts when I wanted.  To make things more interesting I had a weekend trip to New York City.  I was able to get most of my times in during week.  I had to shorten one of my days because of some work demands.  Instead of having my rest day being Sunday, I made it Friday.  Friday was my travel day and I did not want to rush too much trying to get a run in because I had to leave early in the morning.  I run Saturday morning before we started our day.  My long run was a lot of fun because I was able to do it in Central Park in a race with the New York Road Runner's.  It was a lot of fun to run the whole park.  My long run was this week was suppose to be 6 miles but I decided to do the 5 mile race instead.  I like to get some road races in during my training.  The mileage was so close it worked perfect.  I did the race with three of my friends from college.  The race started on the east side of the park and looped the whole park.  The weather was very cold and windy.  The temperature was about 20 degrees at the 8am start.  The water for the stations was frozen sometimes when you got there.  I actually decided not to drink at the stations because of the frozen water.  I loved the race.  It never felt too cold.  Sometimes when a gust came through it was tough.  I finished the race in 46:17 my fastest 5 mile race.  I was excited with the results.  Hopefully, soon I will be near 45 minutes.  When the race was finished the weather was tough.  My group forgot a change of clothes which is not a good decision.  We just did not think about it.  That was not fun but we managed.  We celebrated the race with a nice breakfast in the Upper East Side.  Good food for a good race.

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I decided to use a 20 week training plan for the Pittsburgh Marathon.  January 27 was my first day of training.  On Saturday January 1, I completed my first week of training .  I am very excited to get started.  Some of my runs are currently being completed on the treadmill.  I would rather be outside since the race is outside but I will do whatever I can to get my runs in.  The tough part for me about doing the runs on the treadmill is that I have to use the treadmill where I work.  Not an ideal situation because I am regularly interrupted.  I really want to yell some days, "Do you mind?  Do I interrupt your workouts?"  But I don't.  For example, Wednesday I was trying to complete a 40 minute run and it took me about three interruptions to finally get it in.  Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  I ended up doing 22 minutes, then 5 minutes, and finally 15 minutes.  It was not pretty but I got my time in.  On Friday, I was in my hometown of Johnstown, PA.  We had a wonderful day.  Warm and sunny for the end of 2010.  I was able to run my 3 miles outside.  On Saturday I started my New Year with a 5 mile run.  When I started it was warm but overcast.  Within my first five minutes, the rain began.  The rain stopped only when I was finished.  Go figure.  It still was nice to run outside.  Plus it was more of a light drizzle so no big problem.


This week will be my first challenge in my training.  I don't have a big amout of miles to put in but I am going out of town to New York City from Friday to Sunday.  I may not get my short mileage in on Friday but I should be able to get the long run in on Saturday morning.  I may do the other small run Sunday morning and take the rest day on Friday.  The big problem on Friday is I start travelling early Friday morning and then on the go the rest of the day.  I do not think I will have a lot of time.  I am try to get the run in before I leave Friday morning.  The weather does not look good but the local YMCA opens at 4:45 so I am go down there.


Ready for the challenge of the week.


I hope everyone had a great New Year.  I am excited to start 2011.  The first thing that I hope happens is a new job.  I am in line for a new job and I really hope it goes my way.  FIngers crossed .


I hope everyone sticks to their resolutions!!!  

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20 week training begins

Posted by katrinwolfe Dec 27, 2010

Today started my 20 week marathon training.  My first day was a 40 minute training run.  Not a good run but I did it.  I had to do it on a treadmill at work.  Unforunately I was having some back issues.  My back kept tightening up.  I did a crazy kettlebell workout last Thursday, and I am still feeling the aftermath.  I had to stop twice to stretch.  Also, since I was at work I was interrupted once to help fix a television on a treadmill.  (I always feel that you are at the gym to workout.  The television is a extra perk.  If the TV does not work so what.  I am not there to watch television.)  I finished the forty minutes and thus beginning my twenty week training.  I choose the 20 week training because of a couple more micro-cycles and rest weeks.  I just liked the progression a little more.  Not too much of a drastic climb.  It is nerve-racking and exciting to be running for a marathon.


I had a wonderful Christmas.  I got to see a lot of friends and family.  I got some great running stuff.  I got Brooks running shoes, winter running pants, Under Armour cold weather running shirt, and tank top.  I also got some other great clothes and books.  I hate to see the holiday come to an end and be back at work.  I am very ready for a new year.


Here is to a new year, new beginnings, and new runs.      

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Back Running

Posted by katrinwolfe Dec 16, 2010

I am back running. I am currently doing all my running on a treadmill.  The weather currently is a little too cold for me.  Plus, the times I am available to run are in the early morning or late evening in the dark.  I am not comfortable running in the dark and add the single digit windchills, I am just fine running inside.


I just got back from a trip to NYC.  I was able to do some crosstraining on an elliptical and a stairclimber while I was visiting.  I was glad to be able to keep moving while I was visiting the best city in the world.


Life is a little tough right now.  I am not enjoying my job and Christmas is not really in my heart this year.  I need to finish my shopping.  I can't believe 2010 is almost over.


I am excited to say I just got a new pair of running shoes.  The last year or two I have been running in Under Armour shoes.  Under Armour shoes were not available in my size so I switched back to Brooks.  I am excited to be wearing the Brooks Illusions once again. I went to a running store to get fitted so I am very excited to get to wear the new shoes.


Hope everyone has a great Holiday Season.

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A Week Break

Posted by katrinwolfe Dec 6, 2010

I have not run since the Turkey Trot.  It is a combination of laziness and letting my leg heal.  My knee does not hurt anymore.  If actually feels good.  I have been doing a lot of cross training.  I have tried to focus on low impact exercise.  This past week has been good because I think I needed a break from workouts.  I needed to refocus.


An artic blast has hit the US.  I went for a walk on Saturday.  Thank goodness because the wind and cold are not my idea of good running weather.  I will hopeful get a thirty minute run in tomorrow on the treadmill.


This weekend I head to New York City.  Very excited to see a great fun, and the sights of the city.  I don't know how much I will get to workout or run but that is fine.  This trip is about having a good time with friends.

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A Rainy Turkey Trot

Posted by katrinwolfe Nov 29, 2010

On Thanksgiving morning I ran in the 20th Annual PNC YMCA Turkey Trot (Pittsburgh, PA).  The race was a cold and rainy.  From the moment I woke up in the morning, the rain came down and it came down hard at points.  I got to the race at 7:00am to help set up and get things ready.  The pre-race e-mails stated that 4300 people signed up to run.  When I first got there I was thinking we would be lucky to get 100 people.  Throughout the morning I saw people come in to register but not a significant number.  I helped set up the start and finish lines.  The first race of the morning to start was the 1 mile fun run.   Not many people showed.  At about quarter till nine (the start time of the 5K and 5 mile race) all these people started flocking to the start line.  I could not believe how many people showed up for the race.  The ran never really stopped.  At nine the race started and off I went.


My Dad came into Pittsburgh to visit and watch me run.  During the course of the morning my Dad was roped into helping set up for the Turkey Trot.  What a start to Thanksgiving.  He thought he was in for a relaxing two days and a calm morning watching his daughter run.  How was he suppose to know that clouds would open up and he would have to work.


I started my five mile race.  The course was tight and there was a lot of runners.  Like the beginning of a lot races the beginning of the Turkey Trot was a lot of jocking for position.  I started at the end of the line so I had a lot of weaving to do.  The course started at PNC Park (the baseball stadium).  We circle the  stadium and took a bridge into the city.  We ran through the north end of the city back over the bridge to PNC Park.  At the stadium the 5k and 5 mile race split and the 5 mile race went toward Heinz Field (football stadium) and the casino.  My outfit for the race was my running capris, gloves, running sweatshirt and a longsleeve Under Armour shirt.  During the run, I tossed my gloves.  My hands get warm easily and the gloves were soaked.  At first I was a little cold but as the race wore on I was warm.  Plus, my clothes were very heavy from all the rain.  I wanted to do was take my sweatshirt off but I knew that was not going to happen.


The race was tough especially with the conditions.  Throughout the race I kept trying to push my pace.  In the end, I finished just over 46 minutes.  I ran about a 9:20 pace.  That is a good pace for me.  I usually run about 9:30 to 10:00 minute miles.  I also felt okay at the end.  My knee was a little sore but not too bad.  I was so wet.  I could not believe it.


My Dad was able to see my pass by a couple of times.  The course doubled over itself a couple of times so there was a lot of opportunities to watch the runners.  He was lucky enough be under his umbrella.


After the race, I celebrated with a breakfast bagel.  After a nice shower it was on towards home for some great turkey.

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A Couple Days Off

Posted by katrinwolfe Nov 22, 2010

My knee is finally starting to feel better.  Last week was tough.  I only got a run in on Tuesday. I did a lot of  cross training on elliptical and bike.  Doing a lot better.


Funny thing though is I went to Washington D.C. for the weekend and did a lot of walking.  Now I am suffering from DOMS in my shins.  Craziness.  I did a lot of power walking type exercise with a close friend.  My legs were just not use to it.  Despite the slight soreness in my shins I had a great weekend with friends and watching Penn State beat Indiana University in football.  DC is an awesome running/walking city.  Every morning when my friend Katey and I went for a walk we saw so many people out exercising.  It was wonderful to see such an active city.


This week is Thanksgiving week.  I am running in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  I am doing the five mile race.  Very excited.  I am feeling much better.  I am going for a small run/walk tomorrow and Wednesday.  Can't wait to run and celebrate Thanksgiving with family.


Next week hopefully will be back to normal with running, exercise, work, and everything else.  Holiday season is tough, however, I am more committed than ever.




Penn State gang in the wonderful November sunshine.  Hard to believe we are in short sleeve shirts in November watching the Nittany Lions win.



Best walking buddy.  Love the blue sky!

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Tough Week for My Body

Posted by katrinwolfe Nov 15, 2010

I am battling a little body pains.  My right knee is bothering me.  I am currently using heat/ice treatment.  Just frustrating.  Last week I tried to take it easy which is difficult for me.  On Saturday I went to play golf and by the 15th hole I was in some pain.  I do not like when my pain starts bothering my golf game, and I am not able to be active.  I tried to run a little last week, and it was not worth it.  I definitely needed to rest my leg.  Saturday evening I rested my knee with ice, heat, and ibuprofen.  On Sunday morning I started to feel a little better so I went for a short jog.  I had to stop, and walk but if felt a little better.


I started to do a little research about knee injuries.  I thought it sounded like I had runner's knee.  I bought an ace band for the knee.  I like the feel of the compression on my leg.  If helps a little bit.  One of my co-workers says it sounds like I have IT band tightness.  That is a definite possibility because I do not stretch as well as I should.  He recommended to use a roller, and stretching.  Using the roller was tough.  I could really feel the tightness, and had some pain.  Another gentleman at the gym explained he suffered the same problem I am currently having, and that with regularly stretching and the roller he feels better.


I am running in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  I hope my leg feels better for the run.  I am currently on my heat treatment.  I will work hard to be diligent on stretching and using the roller to help my IT band.

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I am kind

Posted by katrinwolfe Nov 10, 2010

I am new to the world of running.  I have run in the past but nothing special.  I was also running for a team.  I was told to run so I did.  Now I am running because I want to.  I complete my first half marathon in October and now I am going for a full marathon.


I started running for vanity sake.  I like to exercise to maintain a health body and to keep my weight in check.  I did my first half-marathon because I got a free registration.  I soon realized that this running thing is kind of fun. 


I am a golfer.  I will first and forth most call myself a golfer.  However, I am miss competing in golf like I did in college and amateur days.  I still compete and play all the time but I miss that rush of the competition. I only play in one or two events a year so I needed something more.  For the first time in the half marathon, I felt the adrenaline of a competition.  I had something to train for.  Exercise and training became one.  Plus the running and training helped my golf game.  I find something new.


I am running in my first marathon this spring.  I will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon.  Very excited and nervous.  I am also going to run for a cause.  I am going to raise money for Girls on the Run.  "Girls on the Run is an experiential afterschool program that encourages young girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles" (Girls on the Run).  I needed some motivation and I found it.  The program is for girls 3rd through 8th grade.  With the rise of obesity and sedentary behaviors it is great to have a program that works to help girls have a healthier lifestyle physically, mentally, and socially.


Here I go.  

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