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Three Mile Run by katrinwolfe weather, three-miles 4 years ago
Back at it by katrinwolfe running, golf, walking, biking, it_band, pittsburgh_half-marathon 4 years ago
The Pittsburgh Marathon by katrinwolfe half-marathon, knee, pittsburgh, rest, it_band 5 years ago
Two weeks till Marathon and I still have some problems. by katrinwolfe injury, half-marathon 5 years ago
Injured by katrinwolfe injury, marathon 5 years ago
Knee Not Feeling So Good by katrinwolfe golf, knee, job 5 years ago
Life Gets Crazy Sometimes by katrinwolfe walking, dc, crazy, job 5 years ago
Longest Run Ever by katrinwolfe job, cold_weather, busy, 30k 5 years ago
When is that Marathon again? by katrinwolfe work, marathon, ankle, mental, tired 5 years ago
Big News by katrinwolfe marathon, long_run, job 5 years ago
Crazy Week by katrinwolfe work, crazy, tired, micro-cycle 5 years ago
15 miles makes me excited, tired, sore by katrinwolfe 15_miles, spring_thaw, tough_run 5 years ago
First Double Digit Run by katrinwolfe marathon, weather, warm_weather, 10_miles 5 years ago
Colds Are No Fun by katrinwolfe work, cold, illness 5 years ago
Rough Run Ends A Rough Week of Training by katrinwolfe fall, rough_run 5 years ago
A Cold Snowy Run by katrinwolfe golf, snow, winter, cold 5 years ago
Week 4 and I got a Micro-Cycle by katrinwolfe pittsburgh, cold_weather, steelers, micro-cycle 5 years ago
Another run, another week by katrinwolfe ipod, cold, nike+, cold_weather, micro-cycle 5 years ago
Running in Central Park by katrinwolfe race, nyc 5 years ago
Week 1 of Training: Completed by katrinwolfe training, week, 1, job, new_years 5 years ago