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Night Riding

Posted by kc13 on Nov 13, 2007 12:19:00 PM

I went on my first night ride on my mountain bike last week. I was excited and nervous. Nervous of course because it was at night, and I am still a beginner--excited for the new adventure. When I got there I got a light put on my bike and then was ready to go with the rest of the group. My nerves kind of got the best of me at the first of the ride. I had a hard time riding the trail and was very unsure of myself. I teetered and tottered through the switchbacks and my bike went off the trail more than once. As the ride proceeded my confidence gained and I started to feel the joy of being out on the trail in the dark. The trail in the dark is much different than in the day. The colors are different, the climb feels different and you view the trail completely different. Things that would normally slow me down in daylight did not seem to affect me the same in the dark. I found my confidence was greater. I went down the trail without any fear of rocks, dips, turns and berms. Normally on a new trail I am tentative, but this time I went down the trail and felt comfortable and confident. The light on my bike was just right to show the trail ahead, but not too far. I focused on the trail ahead, not everything around the trail. I am sure this contributed to me doing better on the trail. When the ride was over, I was tired and exhilarated, and I can't wait for the next time I can go out in the night and ride.

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