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2 weeks till marathon/when to stop crosstraining in General Running Discussion girlygirlrnr 2 minutes ago by lenzlaw 100 1
HM to 10K "Plan" in 10K Training hammer4321 1 hour ago by hammer4321 297 4
Ouch!  My neck! in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Mair_H 5 hours ago by justamaniac 174 3
PF Exercise in The Med Tent Haselsmasher 5 days ago by justamaniac 265 4
Torn hamstring & training for a marathon in General Running Discussion Legg2 5 days ago by lenzlaw 204 1
Kicking opposite leg while running in The Med Tent Wooshy19 5 days ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 210 3
Re: Shin Splits, or normal new muscle pain? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Tonboko 6 days ago by modernhamlet 2,157 9
Couch to 5K plan completed but I'm not ready for what? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) STEMgirl 6 days ago by TerryJones1064 2,866 8
How can I overcome sore ankles and shins when running? in The Med Tent Crazypromoguy 1 week ago by OldSteve 261 2
breathing? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) SunnieD 1 week ago by OldSteve 394 4
Re: New adventure to fitness! w1d1 in General Running Discussion jannev 1 week ago by lenzlaw 429 4
Re: How do you pass oblivious runners/walkers without scaring them? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Mair_H 1 week ago by Kelly1066 409 6
Bad Form in 10K Training ecd0716 1 week ago by modernhamlet 202 2
5/10K runner to (hopefully) half-marathon, but I have no idea what I'm doing in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Mair_H 1 week ago by Mair_H 10,808 18
foot strike advice in General Running Discussion Xanthfox 1 week ago by lenzlaw 383 5