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Couch to 5k Stats in General Running Discussion BillTurner29 12 hours ago by GeorgiaRider 1,039 4
Why don't professional competitors wear compression gear rather than the typical tank tops? in General Running Discussion SheldonSharpe 5 days ago by SheldonSharpe 644 3
Re: Aspiring to be a marathon runner - Hopeless pace and endurance, How do I train? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Romit Nikhil 1 week ago by Romit Nikhil 675 3
Re: How to stop overextending? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) bmcm1 3 weeks ago by Haselsmasher 610 2
Re: Can I add strength training on off days? Best way? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) madra 4 weeks ago by PlankPose 764 2
Re: Beginning C25K and calf muscles burn in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) HeidiKratcha 4 weeks ago by lenzlaw 534 1
Training Program Help in Marathon Training ksue1416 1 month ago by lenzlaw 454 1
200+ Pound Club! in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Wideguy 1 month ago by ?Fran76 3,503,153 11,418
Re: Running 2 Marathons in 37 days in General Running Discussion Woody100 1 month ago by Woody100 788 3
Need some running guidance to make my time in General Training Discussion Tacoprunner 1 month ago by godfreydsouza 734 2
help in 5k plan in 5K Training sagar92 1 month ago by godfreydsouza 1,521 3
Re: Great Quotes in Marine Corps Marathon Jimmy_D_Jarhead 1 month ago by Guest 431,300 1,281
Repeating weeks in C25K in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) DanCas 2 months ago by DanCas 941 2
Advice in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) JenS82686 2 months ago by lenzlaw 882 1
Running newbie in General Running Discussion AZRT 3 months ago by PlankPose 1,730 2