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beats by dre Ducasse has oversight, and he was down here recently, and we tasted  everything,鈥� said Dagan Lynn, the restaurant鈥檚 executive chef. 鈥淲e鈥檙e  taking French techniques and implementing our environment around it. We  adapt his style to any region.Mr. Ducasse has never been averse to  franchising his name; his company, Alain Ducasse Entreprise, oversees 25  dr dre beats restaurants in eight countries around the world.       But can a restaurant be called an Eric Ripert restaurant if the chef  is there only four times a year, for a few days each time? According to  Mr. Ripert, the answer is yes 鈥� given the right partnership. 鈥淭o me,  first what is important is monster  beats the quality, and the  money comes later on,鈥� he said. 鈥淚 have been approached twice in , and  twice I said no because I felt it wouldn鈥檛 be possible for me to do the  food I want at the level I want to cook.鈥�       Mr. Ripert seeks out area food, too. 鈥淲e decided to work with monster headphones the local fishermen, and it鈥檚 never easy because they鈥檙e very  unpredictable,鈥� he said. 鈥淏ut we went after about 20 of them and  created relationships and incentives. Normally at resorts, you don鈥檛 pay  cash, but we said, 鈥榊ou come with the fish, and we鈥檒l pay you cash.鈥�  鈥� He said the restaurant now receives a steady supply of local snapper,  swordfish and wahoo hip  hop beats.

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