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Obama Is Not Likely to Push India Hard on Pakistan

Posted by linyuer on Nov 7, 2010 6:29:28 PM

beats by dre That would be a victory for India, which denies the very existence of  Cold Start, a plan to deploy new ground forces that could strike inside  Pakistan quickly in the event of a conflict. India has argued  strenuously that the United States, if it wants a wide-ranging  partnership of leading democracies, has to stop viewing it through the  lens dr dre beats of Pakistan and the Afghanistan war.       The strategy calls for India to create fast-moving battle groups that  could deliver a contained but sharp retaliatory ground strike inside  Pakistan within three days of suffering a terrorist attack by militants  based in Pakistan, yet monster  beats not do enough damage  to set off a nuclear confrontation.       Some administration officials have argued that monster headphones addressing Cold Start, developed in the aftermath of a failed attempt  to mobilize troops in response to an attack on the Indian Parliament by  Pakistani militants, could help break the logjam that has impeded talks  between the countries hip  hop beats.

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