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Some Companies Shift Health Costs to Better-Paid

Posted by linyuer on Nov 11, 2010 6:06:45 PM

beats by dre For years, employees have seen what they pay toward health care go up as  companies ask them to contribute more to premiums and deductibles. But  now, as people enroll in health plans for the coming year, the sticker  shock is more jolting than ever because so many companies are passing on  to their workers most, if not all, of the higher costs.With health dr dre beats care costs climbing even higher during this enrollment season, more  employers are adopting a tiered system to pass on the bulk of those  costs to their employees.      More and more companies in the last year or so have begun signaling  their recognition of the added burden shouldered by workers in low- and  middle-income jobs by varying the premiums they pay based on salary.  Consultants say the trend is likely to monster beats continue, as employers devise various ways of spreading increased  health care costs among their staff and balancing that side of the  ledger against fewer raises and other compensation.       Across the country, the percentage of workers monster headphones with coverage in large companies whose premiums vary with their wages  climbed to 17 percent in 2010, up from 14 percent two years ago. About  20 percent of employees who are covered by large companies in the  Northeast, which has suffered from a combination of high unemployment  and steep medical costs, have the premiums they pay tied to their wages,  according to Kaiser hip hop beats.

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