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US obesity rate 'will continue to rise'

Posted by linyuer on Nov 14, 2010 6:35:18 PM

beats by dre While more than a third of the American population is obese, the trend  will continue to grow in the next four decades, a report has warned.We  looked at the probability of becoming obese and what that was influenced  by鈥e found there is some baseline risk of becoming obese based on the  friends you have," she said.Surprisingly, the reverse -- befriending fit  people dr dre beats does not seem to have an effect on weight loss.       The findings of the team of Harvard-based researchers suggest in 40  years more than 42 percent of the population will be extremely  overweight.The research contradicts other studies that say US obesity  rate has reached its peak, Reuters reported.The findings monster beats were published in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Computational Biology.       The group believes that if someone's friend is obese, the monster headphones odds of that person also becoming fat increase by more than 50  percent.Alison Hill, a graduate student at Harvard, said the conclusion  was based on the idea that obesity can be passed on like "an infectious  disease" that people can catch from one another.Hill said over the  long-run, 鈥渢he rate of weight gained by social interaction has grown  quite quickly since 1971鈥t looks like obesity is becoming more  infectious," she added hip hop beats.

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