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Terror Verdict Tests Obama’s Strategy on Detainees

Posted by linyuer on Nov 19, 2010 6:19:21 PM

beats by dre Among them, Mason Clutter, the counsel of the Rule of Law Program at  the Constitution Project, a       bipartisan non-profit group, said that Mr. Ghailani will serve a  lengthy sentence and will have far fewer arguments to make in appealing  his conviction than if he had faced a       military trial.The system worked here,鈥� she said. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think we  judge success dr dre beats based on the       number of convictions that were received. I think we judge success  based on fair prosecutions consistent with the Constitution and the rule  of law.      But proponents of civilian trials contended that such criticism was  based on a faulty premise. In his order rejecting the witness, Judge  Kaplan strongly suggested in a footnote       that a military commission judge would have excluded that testimony,  too, pointing to monster beats restrictions       against the use of evidence obtained by torture in military trials.Ms.  Clutter also noted that most of the usual arguments that proponents of  military tribunals       make about the risk of civilian trials 鈥� like extreme monster headphones security costs, grandstanding by the       defendant, and the disclosure of classified information 鈥� did not  happen in the Ghailani case.Moreover, many observers attributed any  weakness to the prosecution鈥檚 case to the       fact that the Judge Lewis Kaplan, who presided over the trial, refused  to allow prosecutors to introduce testimony from an important witness  apparently because investigators       discovered the man鈥檚 existence after interrogators used abusive and  coercive techniques on Mr. Ghailani hip hop           beats.

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