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The US plans to reinforce Arab military

Posted by linyuer on Nov 22, 2010 6:32:29 PM

beats by dre Western countries attack regional countries under the pretext of  fighting terrorism, and this is while the Westerners are the biggest  supporters of terrorism in the world," the Iranian official emphasized.  He pointed to a 123-billion-dollar arms deal signed by Western countries  to import weapons to the region and said, "They think the Iranian dr dre beats nation will be afraid of such weapons, but it is a wishful thinking."       "Western countries and the United States provide Israel with  sophisticated arms and jet fighter aircraft in an attempt to intimidate  the Iranian nation," Vahidi said.Iran's defense minister has warned  against repeated failures of the North Atlantic monster beats Treaty Organization in war-torn Afghanistan over the past 10 years, saying NATO is nearing its collapse.        "Western countries, the US and Israel killed more than 1.5 million monster headphones people in Iraq and one million in Afghanistan in order to frighten Iran  and cause insecurity in the region, but they have achieved nothing," he  added.The US plans to reinforce Arab military power by securing massive  arms deals with four Persian Gulf littoral states in what is considered  Washington's largest foreign arms sales hip hop beats.

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