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U.N. Talks on Knife Edge, Mexico Urges Agreement

Posted by linyuer on Dec 10, 2010 6:39:17 PM

beats by dre Time is running out," Mexico's Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa, who  is serving as the president of the talks being held at the Caribbean  beach resort Cancun, told negotiators. If the negotiators fail to reach  an agreement by Friday night they must face the reality of explaining  that to their societies, she reminded them.Some of the negotiators broke  into groups dr dre beats in an attempt to hash out issues like financing for poor countries,  technology transfers, and stopping deforestation.       Intensive consultations are taking place. We are engaging heavily with  other parties. And it is a good sign," Brazil's negotiator Luiz  Figueiredo said earlier at the talks. "I am very hopeful we will have a  good outcome.Developing nations say that rich nations, which monster beats have emitted most greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels since the  Industrial Revolution, must extend Kyoto before the poor sign up for  curbs that would damage their drive to end poverty.     He said 300,000 people died monster headphones annually from droughts, floods, desertification, storms and rising seas  caused by greenhouse gas emissions since the Industrial Revolution. He  described the deaths as "genocide" caused by capitalism.There are two  ways: either capitalism dies or Mother Earth dies," Morales said.  Bolivia's demands that rich nations halve their greenhouse gas emissions  from 1990 levels by 2017 -- more radical than any other countries'  requirements hip hop beats.

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