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beats by dre More medical marijuana dispensaries could soon be opening in Los  Angeles, with a judge Friday issuing an injunction blocking major  portions of the city's ordinance restricting the facilities.The  ordinance, which took effect in June, allowed only about 180  dispensaries to continue operating -- dispensaries that registered with  the city and opened prior to a 2007 moratorium.Denosumab last month won  U.S. approval to be sold under the brand name Xgeva for reducing the  risk of skeletal-related events in dr dre beats patients whose solid tumor cancers had spread to the bone. It is sold  under the name Prolia as a treatment for osteoporosis.      But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Anthony Mohr ruled that the city  had improperly extended its moratorium, creating confusion over the  deadline for dispensaries to register with the city and violating the  rights of other dispensary operators.The judge noted that the city could  likely amend the ordinance to make it enforceable, but until then, he  issued an injunction blocking enforcement of the restriction. Mohr  acknowledged that the monster beats ruling could lead to a quick proliferation of dispensaries in the  city."They reinforce the efficacy; they reinforce the superiority and  they continue to show a very similar safety profile" to Zometa, said  Baynes, adding that the Novartis drug had been considered the gold  standard of care.      The city's ordinance was ultimately monster headphones aimed at reducing the number of dispensaries in the city to 70. The  ordinance allowed 187 dispensaries that opened prior to the 2007  moratorium to remain open, but if any of them closed, new ones would not  be allowed to open in their place.The ordinance also requires  dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet away from schools, public parks,  public libraries and religious institutions, as well as each other.It  also bars dispensaries from being "on a lot abutting, across the street  or alley from, or having a common corner with a residentially zoned lot  or a lot improved with residential use hip hop beats.

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