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Experts ponder 'Plan B' options

Posted by linyuer on Dec 17, 2010 6:47:00 PM

beats by dre With Republicans vowing to dismantle the health law and courts wrestling  with its constitutionality, some health policy experts are pondering a  possible "Plan B" in case the individual mandate -- the requirement that  everyone get health insurance starting in 2014 -- is weakened or struck  down.One idea is to raise everyone's taxes -- and then give big tax  breaks back to people who get insurance. Other proposals include  creating strict open-enrollment periods so that people can't game the  system, dr dre beats or an opt-out mechanism carrying stiff consequences for people who decline to get covered.      has suggested that well-crafted carrots and sticks could get the same job done. As a model, she pointed to monster beats the Medicare drug benefit that charges people more if they don't get  coverage when they become eligible, but decide to get it later.That  template could apply for health insurance too, with the penalty lasting  for three to five years.The idea is to raise the moncler ante for people who wait until they are sick to buy insurance,"  Wilensky said. "That would change the dynamics and may be more effective  than a wimpy mandate," she said.      The mandate is intended to expand coverage, prevent the uninsured from  passing the costs of their care to everyone else, and make monster headphones insurance markets work better by having risk shared by old and young,  sick and healthy.The mandate's been oversold," said Mark Pauly, a health  care economist at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School who  was one of the scholars who initially put forth the individual mandate  idea while also serving in President George H.W. Bush's administration.  He still supports the concept, if properly designed hip hop beats.

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