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Snack smart

Posted by mammothuk on May 30, 2011 2:34:42 AM

We all have those down days at work or at home, when we are so  stressed that we reach for the chocolate biscuits and crisps. However,  it may in fact be this habit that is keeping you rather rounder than you  wish to be. For the next two days I will be offering you my top tips on  how to snack smart in order to see your spare tyre shrink right before  your eyes!


Think green


According to a recent study which appeared in the Journal of the  American Dietetic Association, by eating a 300g portion of salad a day  you will stop your stomach from rumbling. Now we don't mean a full fat  salad with a creamy dressing, croutons, the works; we mean a low calorie  salad perhaps accompanied by lean protein such as ham or turkey.


Keep junk at bay


It's all very well going shopping and buying a month's supply of  chocolates and confectionaries with the thought that you can nibble on  it when you fancy a treat during the month. However, the chances are  that when you are stressed, you may consume too many of these 'treats',  it's also the same when you go to the vending machine whilst stressed at  work. The best thing to do here is to not buy these treats at all as  well as staying away from the vending machine at work.


The trick is to think about whether you are snacking because you are  stressed or because you are hungry. If the hunger pangs for a chocolate  bar do not go away after an hour then by all means, nip to the vending  machine or the shop and treat yourself. Just don't have these treats  within easy reach as it means you may consume them when you don't  actually need them.

Check in with us tomorrow for more snack smart top tips!

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