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1.2009 External hard disk Market Analysis and Forecast


2.The characteristics of external hard disk.


3.The program of External Hard Disk Encryption.


4.The instruction of external hard disk repair and data recovery services.


5.External hard disk partition.


6.The trend of external hard disk in future


7.The skills of using external hard drive


8.Classification of External Hard Disk Drive


9.How to choose a suitable external hard drive?


10.Why computer does not recognize the external hard disk?


11.How to make external hard disk run faster?


12.How to solve the problem of inadequate power supply external  hard disk?


13.How to Prevent Portable external hard disk Self-running


14.How to change the external hard disk partitions without backing up data


15.Strengths and inferiority of External Hard Drives


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Tips for Win XP Backups

Posted by manyu Nov 13, 2009

1. Backup the files to a different media. For example if your files are stored on one hard-drive back them up to another hard-drive, because if you back them up to the same hard-drive and that hard drive fails you have lost all your data.



Backup files to more than one media, for example backup your files to another hard-disk then to a tape.  If you have a years worth of backups on one hard-drive and that drive crashes you will lose all your years backups.

3. If your backups fail check the logs and find out why!! In my experience backups fail mostly because of corrupt files, run a check disk on the computer the files are on.



Test your backups, every now and then restore some data and check if all the files are there and that you can use them.  The last thing you want to do is restore the files in an emergency and find out there is a problem.

5. Run regular backups,  Every day if you can.



Make sure you have plenty of spare disk space to store your backups on.

7. Backing up to tape? Make sure you label your tapes correctly. And try not to put lots of backups on one tape, If that tape is faulty you could lose all your backups



Create a backup schedule and monitor it to make sure backups are finishing successfully and also on time.

9. How to access the built in windows xp backup package.

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Files Need to Backup in Win XP

Posted by manyu Nov 13, 2009

Backup My Documents – By default when you click on file > save as in an application it will default to saving the files in your my documents.  So it is very important to backup my documents as this is where all of your personal data will sit.
Backup E-mail Files – Backing up your emails is very important, None of us would like to loose all of our e-mails. Outlook .pst files (The file where all your e-mails are kept) are known for becoming corrupt quite frequently, Also when they get to 2gig in size there is a high chance they will get corrupt. 
Backup System Files – I dont think its very important to backup the system files, As long as you take an “Image” of your system I think this is enough.  But it is always a good idea to backup everything if you can just to be on the safe side.
Backup Misc Data Files – You might have created a folder and keep files in there. If you have make sure you remember the location so we can back it up.
Backup System Registry – The windows xp system registry keeps all the information of your system, config / programs installed and so on.  Sometimes you might go in to the registry and accidentally the wrong keys, or it is possible that the registry becomes corrupt.
Backup Desktop Icons – Do you save documents to your desktop?? If yes you will need to backup your desktop.
Backup Internet Favourites – Do you have many Internet favourites / bookmarks saved??
Backup Internet Cookies – You might want to backup these up as well, they store passwords for certain sites,  It is possible you might delete the cookie then forget the password to your site.

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