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Tips for Win XP Backups

Posted by manyu on Nov 13, 2009 3:18:13 AM

1. Backup the files to a different media. For example if your files are stored on one hard-drive back them up to another hard-drive, because if you back them up to the same hard-drive and that hard drive fails you have lost all your data.



Backup files to more than one media, for example backup your files to another hard-disk then to a tape.  If you have a years worth of backups on one hard-drive and that drive crashes you will lose all your years backups.

3. If your backups fail check the logs and find out why!! In my experience backups fail mostly because of corrupt files, run a check disk on the computer the files are on.



Test your backups, every now and then restore some data and check if all the files are there and that you can use them.  The last thing you want to do is restore the files in an emergency and find out there is a problem.

5. Run regular backups,  Every day if you can.



Make sure you have plenty of spare disk space to store your backups on.

7. Backing up to tape? Make sure you label your tapes correctly. And try not to put lots of backups on one tape, If that tape is faulty you could lose all your backups



Create a backup schedule and monitor it to make sure backups are finishing successfully and also on time.

9. How to access the built in windows xp backup package.

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