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Author :Stephen Stewart-Nixon


Everyone keeps telling you to let go of your relationship and move  on. How can this possibly make you feel better when your Ex is the only  thing that matters to you? If you are hurting as much as I imagine you  are you need to do something to help your self; you need to get control  of your emotions before you can start to feel better. Only once you have  passed the "Roller Coaster" stage can you start to think straight and  see things as they really are.

So how do you get past the  immediate shock and pain of a break up? You simply have to make the  decision everyone is advising you to make; i.e. let go and move on. This  is probably the exact opposite to what your emotions are telling you;  more than likely you feel going back is the only way to make you feel  whole again. Let's look at this logically for a moment before  continuing; I'm going to make a few assumptions here, only you know if  they are true.

  • You   feel gutted by your break up.
  • You   feel getting back with your Ex is the only solution.
  • Your   Ex holds the key to your emotions and happiness.
  • Your   Ex does not want to continue with the relationship or you called it   off because you were unhappy with certain aspects of  the relationship.
  • You   have tried to resolve the situation but it didn't work out.
  • You   are probably having great difficulty communicating with your  Ex.

I could go on but I'm sure one, if not all of the above  apply to your situation. So what's my point? There is no solace in going  back and there is no happiness to be found at this juncture in talking  to your Ex about your relationship. The only way you are going to start  to recover is to come to the painful realisation that your relationship  is over for now. Why do I say for now? No one knows what lies in the  future, you and your Ex may rekindle your love at some later stage but  for now you need to become whole again. You need to close this chapter  of your life and look forward with excitement to your new future. You  are where you are, accept it and move on.  You will also be much more  attractive once you get your self confidence back. Give it a go; it  works. Let go.

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When relationships end, people may feel though their hearts are broken. The end of the first few relationships in life comes with extraordinary pain that appears unbearable and endless.

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