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I'm questioning myself...

Posted by mariefnp May 13, 2010

It's been a while since I posted...the C25K has been on hold for the past 3 weeks due to a knee injury! I "tweaked" it while on the TM at home...Last run was so painful, I couldn't complete it! I'm waiting on orthopedics tomorrow....


I'm hoping (since it's somewhat better) to be told I could run while out in Hawaii next week for our daughter's wedding! (Yes, I DID say Hawaii!!! Lucky, yes,  I know!!!)


So resting up til then and seeing what the day brings....don't want to be nonambulatory the day of the wedding!!! Ugh!!!

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On my way...

Posted by mariefnp Apr 18, 2010

I have NEVER run.... so WTH am I doing here? I've been thinking of ways to increase movement over the past 2 months since joining Weight Watchers... Somewhere (don't remember when/how) something about C25K caught my eye....


I clicked and read about it... sounded easy enough, ... run a 5K by the end of 9 weeks?? Great... so I decided to undertake the training!!


I have completed week 1...


The first day - OMFG!!! I thought I would DIE... I couldn't breathe right, run right, walk right... It was AWFUL!!! The day after - WTH was I thinking - I couldn't walk right...I was moving slower than a 90 year old... it was torturous! But I had to take 2 DOR, and on day 3 I did W1D2...that went so-so...the NEXT day wasn't as agonizing as the day after W1D1, so that was a step in the right direction.... still had to take 2 DOR though.



I just completed W1D3 yesterday but on the TM. (Weather was sucky). It was WAY different than running outside where you didn't know how REALLY slow you go LMAO!! I "wog" at 3.2 mph, and walk briskly at 2.7....that is pitiful, but hoping to post (in several weeks) that my times are better. Right now I'm running (and I SOOO use that term loosely) at a 20:00 mm pace, THAT sucks....but like I said, I'm  a bonafide couch potato, a NON athlete, never did anything, person, so the mere fact that I made it through week 1 is a miracle!!!



Oh in 4 weeks we go to Hawaii...My goal is to run the week I'm there on Waikiki Beach, barefoot, up and down the beach. I WILL DO THIS!!!

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