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Greek myth "Pandora"

Posted by meihao123 Jul 14, 2010

pandora jewerly from Greek mythology. Prometheus stole the heavenly to the earthly Shenhuo. Zeus in retaliation for Prometheus, Vulcan Hephaestus command to create a woman Pandora and let the gods to make Pandora's generosity can be easily tempted to mortals. Then Athena, goddess of wisdom to the Pandora beautiful costumes, beautiful Venus Aphrodite is given to Pandora. Charm goddesses to Hephaestus to create a

pandora bracelet given to the Pandora.  Zeus gave Pandora a box, but allowed her to open, then take her to the world. In the creation of Pandora, she was given a curiosity. Therefore could not withstand the temptation to open the box. When she looked into the box, when all the pain was so human diseases, demons and so on from the box to escape. Box on the left hope and opportunity. So, Pandora jewelry also represents luck and hope.  Many of today's Hollywood Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Aniston, fashion designer Donna Karan, Diane von Furstenberg and so have their own particular Pandora's jewelry, which is the most popular bracelet. Pandora bracelet is the most unique parts of each section are different. Crush can even mix their own preferences to a variety of beads, precious stones and pendant. You can also string to match all kinds of colorful clothes. Pandora bracelet is usually the same combination of the three groups together into a sequence of beads. Bead in the bracelet have some room to slide, also with the movement of the wrist slightly rolling, so beautiful they attract many eyes between the gestures. Because it is designed to make their own adjustments, so you can change at any time by good or bad mood. As a not bear to let their feelings relief, but also beautiful still.

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Aerobic Exercise and Fitness

Posted by meihao123 Jul 14, 2010

The past two years, " p90x fitness program

" the new word with the media description has entered the lives of ordinary people.  Oxygen products by increasing the body's oxygen content of diet; aerobic exercise is a certain amount of p90x workout

by increasing the amount of oxygen inhaled, improve people's function, thus improving people's fitness.  Aerobic exercise aerobic exercise full name is, it must meet three conditions:  1, the energy required to exercise the body primarily through the oxidation of fat or sugar and other substances to provide.  2, whole body movement most of the muscle groups (2 / 3) are involved.  3, exercise intensity in the low - medium between the duration of 15-40 minutes or longer.  In contrast, anaerobic exercise energy required for the glycolysis system can, for to participate in the process does not require oxygen, high intensity, short duration exercise heart rate normally at 170 - 180 beats / min. 100-200 meter sprint as the more violent sports are all anaerobic.  Many forms of aerobic exercise, such as: brisk walking, jogging, as aerobics, swimming, riding a bicycle. Aerobic exercise is more suitable for fitness. In aerobic exercise, inhaled oxygen is 8 times the quiet state. Aerobic exercise can increase long-term adherence in vivo the number of hemoglobin to increase body resistance, anti-aging, and enhance the efficiency of the cerebral cortex and heart and lung function, increased fat consumption, to prevent atherosclerosis, reduce cardiovascular morbidity.  As living standards improve, people seeking health and the desire to improve the quality of life even more urgent. The key to good health lies in our own hands, that is aerobic exercise.

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An article published in the " ChaLEAN Extreme

" study confirmed that although the young women look long-distance running is in state of insanity workout

, in fact, they are prone to bone loss.  Long-distance running will help health, it can reduce heart disease, diabetes, and obesity risk, even once also thought to increase bone density, but now seems like the past no longer running as satisfactory. According to a recent study found that long-distance running women's bone density than women often sit lower, this is not good because of low bone density is not only a precursor to osteoporosis, will increase the risk of fracture.  But why would it happen? To understand why, East London University of Sports and Exercise Physiology, PhD, were studied. He recruited 52 patients between the ages of 18 to 44 years old female runners tested. The nature of both of them weekly entertainment only woman to run 5 kilometers, 70 kilometers run per week is also a master, the researchers found that food intake too low, these women caused bone loss is one of the reasons.  Finally arrive at a surprising result, more women run, the lower bone density. More than 10 km per week or more long-distance running, bone density decreased about 1 to 2%; but the more developed muscle woman, the less bone loss. In addition, the runners did not get enough energy, bone loss will be easy; and like gymnastics or football in high impact of movement, their bone density is very high, certainly higher than the runners.

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Health, is how to exercise

Posted by meihao123 Jul 10, 2010

Modern social life, particularly in the rhythm of tension and competitive city, the people busy at work, learning, interpersonal relationships, family matters among the neglected insanity workout

on the importance of preserving and promoting health can hardly find time to exercise. Thus, the lack of movement caused by sub-health state of various diseases becomes increasingly obvious. The movement is anti-aging, disease prevention disease, an important means of prolonging life, if they can persist in activities, life will show a different color.  According to insanity 60 day

split, sport can be divided into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise two broad categories.  Aerobic exercise is the durability of ChaLEAN Extreme

sports, throughout the course of the campaign, the body of oxygen inhaled and the need for equality in general. Low-intensity, rhythmic, long time sports are basically aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, slow long-distance swimming, biking, dancing. Aerobic exercise is to maintain physical and mental health the most effective and scientific way of exercising.  Anaerobic exercise is the power of sport. Throughout the course of the campaign, inhaled oxygen is less than the required oxygen. It features: high intensity, explosive strength, and short duration. Weightlifting, high jump, sprinting and throwing belong to anaerobic exercise.  Experts stressed that science and appropriate exercise allows us to have a more flexible framework, a more robust organ, the brain younger and more full of emotion, so that we live in health, beauty, happiness, longevity, the most valuable of all - - away from the disease.

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