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Health, is how to exercise

Posted by meihao123 on Jul 10, 2010 7:39:37 PM

Modern social life, particularly in the rhythm of tension and competitive city, the people busy at work, learning, interpersonal relationships, family matters among the neglected insanity workout

on the importance of preserving and promoting health can hardly find time to exercise. Thus, the lack of movement caused by sub-health state of various diseases becomes increasingly obvious. The movement is anti-aging, disease prevention disease, an important means of prolonging life, if they can persist in activities, life will show a different color.  According to insanity 60 day

split, sport can be divided into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise two broad categories.  Aerobic exercise is the durability of ChaLEAN Extreme

sports, throughout the course of the campaign, the body of oxygen inhaled and the need for equality in general. Low-intensity, rhythmic, long time sports are basically aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, slow long-distance swimming, biking, dancing. Aerobic exercise is to maintain physical and mental health the most effective and scientific way of exercising.  Anaerobic exercise is the power of sport. Throughout the course of the campaign, inhaled oxygen is less than the required oxygen. It features: high intensity, explosive strength, and short duration. Weightlifting, high jump, sprinting and throwing belong to anaerobic exercise.  Experts stressed that science and appropriate exercise allows us to have a more flexible framework, a more robust organ, the brain younger and more full of emotion, so that we live in health, beauty, happiness, longevity, the most valuable of all - - away from the disease.

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