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Aerobic Exercise and Fitness

Posted by meihao123 on Jul 14, 2010 11:48:27 PM

The past two years, " p90x fitness program

" the new word with the media description has entered the lives of ordinary people.  Oxygen products by increasing the body's oxygen content of diet; aerobic exercise is a certain amount of p90x workout

by increasing the amount of oxygen inhaled, improve people's function, thus improving people's fitness.  Aerobic exercise aerobic exercise full name is, it must meet three conditions:  1, the energy required to exercise the body primarily through the oxidation of fat or sugar and other substances to provide.  2, whole body movement most of the muscle groups (2 / 3) are involved.  3, exercise intensity in the low - medium between the duration of 15-40 minutes or longer.  In contrast, anaerobic exercise energy required for the glycolysis system can, for to participate in the process does not require oxygen, high intensity, short duration exercise heart rate normally at 170 - 180 beats / min. 100-200 meter sprint as the more violent sports are all anaerobic.  Many forms of aerobic exercise, such as: brisk walking, jogging, as aerobics, swimming, riding a bicycle. Aerobic exercise is more suitable for fitness. In aerobic exercise, inhaled oxygen is 8 times the quiet state. Aerobic exercise can increase long-term adherence in vivo the number of hemoglobin to increase body resistance, anti-aging, and enhance the efficiency of the cerebral cortex and heart and lung function, increased fat consumption, to prevent atherosclerosis, reduce cardiovascular morbidity.  As living standards improve, people seeking health and the desire to improve the quality of life even more urgent. The key to good health lies in our own hands, that is aerobic exercise.

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