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Female long-distance race "new" risks.

Posted by meihao123 on Jul 14, 2010 11:47:17 PM

An article published in the " ChaLEAN Extreme

" study confirmed that although the young women look long-distance running is in state of insanity workout

, in fact, they are prone to bone loss.  Long-distance running will help health, it can reduce heart disease, diabetes, and obesity risk, even once also thought to increase bone density, but now seems like the past no longer running as satisfactory. According to a recent study found that long-distance running women's bone density than women often sit lower, this is not good because of low bone density is not only a precursor to osteoporosis, will increase the risk of fracture.  But why would it happen? To understand why, East London University of Sports and Exercise Physiology, PhD, were studied. He recruited 52 patients between the ages of 18 to 44 years old female runners tested. The nature of both of them weekly entertainment only woman to run 5 kilometers, 70 kilometers run per week is also a master, the researchers found that food intake too low, these women caused bone loss is one of the reasons.  Finally arrive at a surprising result, more women run, the lower bone density. More than 10 km per week or more long-distance running, bone density decreased about 1 to 2%; but the more developed muscle woman, the less bone loss. In addition, the runners did not get enough energy, bone loss will be easy; and like gymnastics or football in high impact of movement, their bone density is very high, certainly higher than the runners.

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