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Pandora's story

Posted by meimei123 Jul 15, 2010

Pandora, also translated as Pandora (Pandora) meaning "woman is the perfect embodiment of beauty." Yinpanduola box is known, the ancient Greek mythology. Overheard in the discussion called "Pandora" sign seems to be famous, but what is it about? Check the Internet, pop out a good number of " pandora bracelet

" page. The original Pandora to in Greek mythology, Zeus created the first human woman for revenge human. Disaster pouring from Zeus gave Pandora's box in the run out, but only want to be locked boxes ...... And her boyfriend love has been 5 years, the marriage has been afraid to enter. Marry her boyfriend has repeatedly, and I love this legendary tomb are nameless fear. The tenth, when the boyfriend and the flowers hand-held Pandora pandora jewerly

marry again, I no longer fear a sudden marriage. Pandora will give me rest of his life's happiness. When your girlfriend or wife's birthday is not suffering from did not know what the gifts to them. Can not be too plain, but then have to be close. Pandora Pandora that will be your unique choice. Both stylish and can express your mind, while your girlfriend can carry anytime, anywhere. Of course, you can give your friends or relatives.

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p90x workout allows you to charm distribution, 98% of people in their own homes placed on fitness of things, but 98% of people have a 52% only in cleaning the room when they will hit. There are sports shoes, had time only to buy clothes with it? Sportswear do so only to serve as pajamas to buy it?  Weight loss, and all around the body to carry out the campaign in the final analysis is a man of war, are their own and their own contest. Whether we in the gym or at home, the effect will be demonstrated in action.

  ● make a detailed

p90x fitness program, have goals and timetables! Weak supervision can please people.

  ● How many things you have prepared for fitness? Them grouped together, or in the locker room to open up a separate place to display them out. At the same time there are many fitness see their choices, but also feel that fitness is a boring thing? Count your good at at least three or more sports, is not very self-confident? Home fitness also planned!

  ● Come home of private coaching. A guide to practice more effective than the blind men feeling the elephant, safe and feasible.

  ● exercise discomfort occurs, stop exercising and consult experts to. Recommendations: first, with professionals in the gym after a period of time to consider learning to practice.

  ● Safety first, fitness facilities to clean up, away from the weapon. 

  ● to maintain ventilation. Exercise is best natural wind, buy a fan is not bad.

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In exercise, aerobic metabolism occurs and anaerobic metabolism. When the training is adequate in terms of oxygen supply, sugar and fat oxidation and decomposition into water and carbon dioxide, while releasing energy, this process is called aerobic metabolism. .  Anaerobic refers to the absence of sufficient oxygen supply, anaerobic glycolysis generates lactic acid sugar and produce energy. In carrying out the various sports at the same time along with aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, but the proportion is different. When we conducted insanity workout

, anaerobic metabolism would play a significant role.  ChaLEAN Extreme

is used in strength training, the main body metabolism to anaerobic metabolism, is anaerobic training. However, aerobic training can not be ignored. Aerobic training is intended to regulate internal organs, especially heart and lung functions increase, so that the development of muscle to adapt to lay a foundation for high-intensity exercise.  Thus, during exercise in fitness, the best suitable arrangements of some moderate aerobic exercise, such as jogging, hiking, cycling, badminton, bowling, and rope skipping.  It should be emphasized that fitness trainers and aerobic training should be appropriate and must not be excessive. Otherwise, excessive consumption of energy, muscle volume decreases. So how to improve aerobic fitness exercise training effect? The key is to control the size of physical activity.  The beginning of exercise should be smaller, then gradually strengthen. The appropriate amount of exercise to the body would not occur in aerobic exercise fatigue, and heart and lung function continuously strengthened. In this way, when you start building exercise, they will not feel very tired, you can increase training intensity, improve training efficiency

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Fitness, not simple

Posted by meimei123 Jul 10, 2010

Tempered than the average person so as to be more complex, and exercise are sheets, there should be relaxation. Life, too. Therefore, we can sometimes simple insanity workout

.  Most of the people who do card irregular life, and most importantly, they do not feel happy to exercise but that do not lose out, so they have a great workout before the psychological pressure, it is easy to go wrong. I am talking about is only needed insanity 60 day

, this could well play a protective effect on the body.  Qigong practice in there will not cultivating obsession. It tells of a reason. I very much to promote the conduct ChaLEAN Extreme

, this movement is also very convenient and easy.  The most outstanding feature is his fitness is a system that is moving a static, a Chang relaxation, there just has soft of. Fitness is not only to exercise is as important as life must become a regular.

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