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Fitness to do aerobic exercise!

Posted by meimei123 on Jul 15, 2010 7:46:14 PM

In exercise, aerobic metabolism occurs and anaerobic metabolism. When the training is adequate in terms of oxygen supply, sugar and fat oxidation and decomposition into water and carbon dioxide, while releasing energy, this process is called aerobic metabolism. .  Anaerobic refers to the absence of sufficient oxygen supply, anaerobic glycolysis generates lactic acid sugar and produce energy. In carrying out the various sports at the same time along with aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, but the proportion is different. When we conducted insanity workout

, anaerobic metabolism would play a significant role.  ChaLEAN Extreme

is used in strength training, the main body metabolism to anaerobic metabolism, is anaerobic training. However, aerobic training can not be ignored. Aerobic training is intended to regulate internal organs, especially heart and lung functions increase, so that the development of muscle to adapt to lay a foundation for high-intensity exercise.  Thus, during exercise in fitness, the best suitable arrangements of some moderate aerobic exercise, such as jogging, hiking, cycling, badminton, bowling, and rope skipping.  It should be emphasized that fitness trainers and aerobic training should be appropriate and must not be excessive. Otherwise, excessive consumption of energy, muscle volume decreases. So how to improve aerobic fitness exercise training effect? The key is to control the size of physical activity.  The beginning of exercise should be smaller, then gradually strengthen. The appropriate amount of exercise to the body would not occur in aerobic exercise fatigue, and heart and lung function continuously strengthened. In this way, when you start building exercise, they will not feel very tired, you can increase training intensity, improve training efficiency

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