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November 2007


So my Mum arrived from New Zealand last week.  Perfect timing to test the Sony GPS and camera as we planned to travel from LA to Palm Springs and Vegas.  I spent several days taking pics and ensured that the GPS was tracking - all was well or so I thought.....



After several hours of frustration and swearing my computer wasn't recognizing the "media device" and I finally called my IT guy to figure out what the deal was.  My computer was looking on the wrong driver and couldn't find the camera. easy fix....  or so I thought....



So I upload the images and GPS stats and try to marry them up (well the program does that) however now I am having issues with google maps......



I am sure once I get into the swing of this I am going to love it - but for now,  I am frustrated and very happy that I have put my Mother on a Mexico cruise so I can swear in peace...... for now.



Watch this space as I get the kinks out and show you a little bit of my thelma and louise road trip with my ma.....



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Believe it or not - landing at LAX airport


Sleep and knowing where I am when I wake up



Home made food



Coming into work a seeing a brown paper package wrapped up with sticky tape (reads: cellotape to Americans)



Being allowed to ignore the ginormous "in" box as the brown box calls to me... "open me my precious"



Opening the box to find Sony loves me! "A camera, some clothes, a camcorder and GPS... oh my!"



MISSION: To concoct a clever way to communicate with cyberspace and my family in New Zealand on my travels and tribulations in the US of A and soon....... THE WORLD!



Now if I can just remember how to work these darn things.....
























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