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......  coming soon thelma and louise

Posted by metoonz on Nov 18, 2007 1:25:00 PM


So my Mum arrived from New Zealand last week.  Perfect timing to test the Sony GPS and camera as we planned to travel from LA to Palm Springs and Vegas.  I spent several days taking pics and ensured that the GPS was tracking - all was well or so I thought.....



After several hours of frustration and swearing my computer wasn't recognizing the "media device" and I finally called my IT guy to figure out what the deal was.  My computer was looking on the wrong driver and couldn't find the camera. easy fix....  or so I thought....



So I upload the images and GPS stats and try to marry them up (well the program does that) however now I am having issues with google maps......



I am sure once I get into the swing of this I am going to love it - but for now,  I am frustrated and very happy that I have put my Mother on a Mexico cruise so I can swear in peace...... for now.



Watch this space as I get the kinks out and show you a little bit of my thelma and louise road trip with my ma.....



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