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I want my mother

Posted by metoonz Dec 2, 2007

Okay so it really isn't easy to show you the great features of the Sony GPS without an active link to google map.... you will just have to go buy one for yourself. I can't let the road trip with my Mum go without.....



It was a great trip with a lot of time to catch up in the car while driving LA - Palm Springs (Cousins Wedding) to Vegas (play time!).


The GPS is a great way to show the people at home in NZ where we went and what we saw. Dad came across for a couple of days. He and Mum went on a cruise to Mexico while I worked It was hard to convince him to spend the extra 3 days in LA a place he loves to hate - and takes great pleasure telling me why...


Never one to back away from a challenge I decided to show him the 'other side" of LA - where the sun shines, the hills roll and the experiences are endless.. Mission: to prove that LA is not just Hollywood and a concrete, flame ridden desert city.



First off we went hiking in the Malibu mountains (not near the fires) - to the Getty Villa, the canals in Venice and the Observatory. Where are the pics I hear you yell??? My camera battery went - so sad.



Off to New York tomorrow - nervous as to how the GPS will track in the city - will let you know.















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