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Running Day 95

Posted by mikehelvey Jun 23, 2009

Yup, I've run 95 days since beginning in early december, logging my first run at 2 miles.   Now I'm up to 14 on distance, and doing intervals and tempo runs as well.  Today was interval day with 3 x 1600. 


  1. 7:29

  2. 7:25

  3. 3. 7:18


Ran with a Aaron today, who's much quicker then I am, but he let me set

the pace. I found it much easier to maintain motivation on the third

mile, pushing a pace that was just a little uncomfortable for me, then

when I'm solo. During our rest intervals, we discussed trusting God,

and what it indicates in terms of trust if we continually fail to do

what we know is right. Good was a good morning.

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21 Jun - Day 94

Posted by mikehelvey Jun 21, 2009

Yesterday... attempted 14 miles.  Epic Fail.


Today... 14 miles, target 9:19/mile average, actual 9:09/mile average.  I'm happy.


Yesterday I went to run a new trail (for me), called Watree Trail. It

was advertised as a hiking trial for a few miles and a walking trail

along an old railroad bed for five. I was going to do a 7mi out and

back. Things started going wrong quickly. The park wasn't open at 6:30

am. I went to an alternate parking/tailhead and the road wasn't even a

dirt road. It was more like a sand road plowed out of the wilderness.

The map had the road going the wrong direction, and it took me 30

minutes to find the trailhead. The bugs were epic proportions. I had

this one bug that kept flying into my head, and once flew into my

clenched (lightly) hand. Very odd. The trail was more of a horse

trail... and SPIDERS. Everywhere. I started running with a stick to

knock the webs out of the path. I figured it would all get better when

I hit the flat rail road bed.







The flat portion was not paved or even I was picturing,

sice I had just come from Ohio (the land of a million-miles of bike

trails). The weeds were about thigh high, but I figured I'd stay in the

vehicle tracks which seemed okay. I didn't realize the trees lean out

so far I had to keep switching sides to avoid limbs (and more spider

webs). Well, a mile down this part the little wheel tracks disappeared

and the weeds reached waist high. My shoes were SOAKED, I was sloshing,

completly off my time, very despondent, and just p1ssed off. I thought

about turning back and finishing my miles on the sand road. It actually

looked like a good place to run, well shaded and all. Instead I bagged

it. I decided the best would quit at 3 miles and save my strength to

start over on the dreadmill inside, or hit the streets on Sunday. Later

I opted for option #2.







Sunday's run was AWESOME. I saw a downed power line and flagged a

police cruiser to go check it out. I only saw one other care for my

first 3 miles. By mile 7 I was realizing that I was making my times and

felt great, even with yesterday's adventure. All told I couldn't have

asked for better weather. Saw a truely awesome sunrise, marveled at

God's handiwork, and then enjoyed a high overcast that kept the sun off

me until mile 12. After 14 miles, I was in my happy place. The last two

miles were tough for me, but it's the furthest I've run yet. All in

all, great day.




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