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No turning back

Posted by mitchelljul on Aug 17, 2010 8:33:53 PM

Today, I restarted week 5 of the Couch to 5K running plan ( .  After two rough runs, I decided to go back a week and refocus my efforts.  As I headed out the door, I told Clare that mommy was going for a run.  "Momma, run, run, run!"  she answered.  How could I not have a great run after that?


My run today was a turning point.  I was frustrated that I had to go back a bit in the program, especially since it's the furthest I have gotten before.  But today felt great!  My legs were strong, my lungs felt awesome, and I felt like I could have kept running.  What a difference a day can make.


Having inspiration beyond my own personal motives is helpful.  My husband handed me a picture of Clare the other day after a particularly emotional breakdown.  He told me to put it on the treadmill when I run.  Glancing down at my baby girl's face helps when the minutes seem to slow.  And it seems to be touching others, too.  Today, as a woman walked by my treadmill she stopped and looked up at me.  "I love your inspiration," she said, nodding at Clare's picture.


There's no turning back now!

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Never a "great" athlete, I am training for Disney's Princess Half Marathon in February. My 20 month old daughter is my inspiration. May I show her through my example that she can do anything!

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