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Not Much to Say

Posted by mitchelljul Aug 31, 2010

I didn't complete my run tonight, and I am actually okay with that.  A few weeks ago that would have sent me into fits of self-doubt, but not tonight.  I will try again tomorrow.  No big deal.


Sunday's run was pretty good, and so my progress is still good.  I am trying to figure out how my running is going to fit into my schedule now that I am back to work.


I will be running three miles in just under a month according to plan, and I am excited.  I am running my first 5k in October and a 10k in November.  Setting these goals is helpful to me in maintaining my commitment.


Yeah, I don't really have much tonight, but I wanted to get on and write.  Routines, after all, are very important right now.

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Never a "great" athlete, I am training for Disney's Princess Half Marathon in February. My 20 month old daughter is my inspiration. May I show her through my example that she can do anything!

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